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Natural Makeup For Big Round Eyes

There isn’t a general rule to follow when it comes to makeup as we possess different facial features and shapes. A particular makeup look could transform a person in a stunning way while it would be an epic fail on the other person. When you think of celebrity stars like Katy Perry, you will come to realize that round eyes are amazingly stunning and extremely striking. The whites in round eyes are clearly visible and the width and length of the eye are equal. Having around the eye is unique on its but knowing how to pull off natural eye makeup that will complement your round eye is highly important. These are the easy steps to take when trying to achieve a flawless natural eye makeup look.

Step 1: Define your brows

A well constructed pair of brows can be a game changer in any makeup look, so you should know the particular eyebrow shape that will complement your look. An arched shape is what is suitable if you have a round eye. If you don’t have a naturally arced brow, you can artificially create one by plucking your brows and creating a pointed shape by angling the end tips of the brows. Steadily swipe your brow makeup on the already arched brow and form a point by drawing out the tips. Then, use a plumper to blend the drawn tips into your eyebrow. Your brows will appear more natural this way.

Step 2: Apply Eye Primer

Eye primer will help in making your eye makeup stand out and stay longer on your lid. Dab tiny dots of your selected eye primer on your eyelid; with a circular motion, use your index finger to rub it onto your entire lid and the surrounding area of your eyes.

Step 3: Apply Concealer

Applying concealer will help cover any discoloration or blemish on the lid or around the eye. Apply a small portion of concealer on your eye area and use your finger to blend it into your skin. You can also make use of a flat makeup brush to blend it in.

Step 4: Apply Eye Shadow

Start by applying a neutral eye shadow shade on your lid to lift the sunken in effect of round eyes. This will increase the depth and brightness of your eyes.

  • Glide a small fluffy eye shadow brush onto a neutral eye shadow shade that is the same as your skin color.
  • Mimicking a sideways motion, gently apply the shadow on your eyelid all the way to your brow bone.
  • Apply a darker shade of eyeshadow on the outer corner of your eyes.
  • Select a shadow shade slightly brighter than your skin tone; this will be used as a highlighter. Highlight your tear duct which is located at the inner ends of your eyes using a corner shadow brush.
  • Twirl the brush back and forth by carefully outlining the tear duct. Create a slanting ‘v’ shape by drawing a line on the top lid and another line on the bottom lid.
  • Thinly apply the highlighter beneath your eyebrows.

Step 5: Apply Eyeliner

Starting from one-third of your upper lash line, gently apply eyeliner along on lash line working it to the outer corner of the eyes. Ensure the line is neatly and thinly drawn. Keep the lower lash line soft and subtle by applying white eyeliner or a subtle eyeshadow shade that is almost lighter than your skin tone on your water line. This is found on the lower lash line, it is the skin touching the whites of your eyes.

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Natural Makeup For Almond Eyes

Almond eyes are well proportional and symmetrical eye shape; this makes them one of the easiest eye shapes to experiment with. There are many eye makeup looks that will flatter and enhance almond eyes so knowing the right techniques and tricks is highly important and required. In this tutorial, we are going to be discussing how you can naturally enhance your almond eyes with these simple steps.

  1. What You Need

Choosing the right products for eye makeup should be your priority as this can make a world of difference. Below are basic products you need to get that perfect natural eye makeup for your almond eyes.

  • Eye primer
  • Concealer
  • Eye shadow palette
  • Eye makeup brushes
  • An eyeliner
  • A mascara
  • Prime your Eyelids

A bad way to start eye makeup is to forget to prep the base. Ensure your entire eyelid is well cleaned prior to the application of an eye primer, apply two to three dots of eye primer that is a shade lighter than your skin color on your lids and under your eyes, gently rub it in and allow it to properly dry. This will prevent your makeup from smearing just a few hours into its application and also create a smooth base for your makeup.

  • Apply Concealer

Concealer would help in covering any discoloration, dark circle, black spots or unevenness around the eyes. Dab in a small quantity of concealer on your lid and blend it in properly with your index finger. It also allows eye shadow to stay better on the skin. Also, ensure it is a shade lighter than your skin tone.

  • Select a Neutral Eye Shadow

Since you are creating a natural eye makeup look, it’s important to play safe with colors as you wouldn’t want a color that is too bold or sharp. A subtle, neutral color like medium brown, beige, taupe or nude will create that minimalist look you want.

  • Use a light shade eye shadow from your selected shadow palette as a base by applying it across your eyelid; this will help emphasize the natural contour of your eyes thereby adding more depth and definition.
  • Apply a mid-tone shade from your palette along your upper lash line to your crease line; this will look like you are creating a slanting v-shape along the outer corner of the eye. Doing this will help in elongating and enhancing your eye shape and its symmetry.
  • Apply a highlighter along the inner corner of your eyes and a little bit below your brow bone to make your eyes appear bigger and brighter.
  • Line Your Lash Line

Many people prefer skipping this step when they are creating a natural look but a roasted-toned gel or liquid liner can give off that subtle and natural look if thinly applied. This is due to the fact that pencil eyeliner looks as natural as a gel or liquid eyeliner. Gently apply the gel on two third of your upper lash line and blotch the line created with a cotton bud. To further accentuate your eyes, you can rim your water line with nude or white eyeliner. Start by applying your liner from the inner corner of your eyes and stop at the middle of your bottom lid, blend it out properly.

  • Finishing Touches

Lightly apply one or two coats of mascara on the upper lashes as a heavily dark lash can ruin the natural makeup look. Curling your lashes before applying mascara can totally change your game as it would help enhance your eye shape.  

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Natural Makeup For Downturned Eyes

Downturned eyes are one of the common eye shapes. They are depicted by a downward slant at the outer corners of the eyes. Having downturned eyes can make the upper lid appear quite larger than the lower lid, this makes you have more space to work with when it comes to eyeshadow application. You should know how to effectively make use of that space for you to be able to create a more lifted makeup look for your eyes. Here are a few steps to take to create a natural look for your downturned eyes.

Step 1: Prime your eyes

To ensure you have a seamless natural eye makeup look, you need to begin your makeup by applying a primer on the area of your eyes. This helps in creating a smooth surface for the eye makeup and it also helps it stay longer. You can do this by applying a dot on the lid and blend it in. Once the primer dries up, apply concealer to even out any discoloration around the eyes, it also allows the eye shadow to stay better on the skin.

Step 2: Select Your Eye Shadow Shade

It is important to choose the right color of eye shadow for your natural eye makeup look. You can choose a three-toned eye shadow palette, this would add depth and dimension to your slanted lids. After selecting the colors of your preference, applying it the right way is also important.

  1. With a flat eye shadow brush, begin by applying a nude eye shadow on your lid, making sure it covers the entire lid. Extend the shadow from your lash line to your brow bone, extending all the way to your brow would give your lid a lifted appearance.  
  2. Starting from your lash line, apply a medium shade from your palette over your light shade stopping right above your crease.
  3.  Finally, buff the darkest shade into your crease and blend it slightly towards the outer corner of your eyes to create the semblance of a more lifted outer corner.
  4. Make use of a fluffy brush to get rid of any lines between the eye shadow shades by blending in the colors properly.
  5. It is best to avoid dark colors when creating a makeup look for downturned eyes as it weighs down the eyes.

Step 3: Apply Eyeliner

Applying eyeliner can add a more lifted effect to your downturned eyes but you should be very careful not to use heavy colors to avoid weighing down your lid, it’s best to choose light colored eyeliner. You should also avoid applying eyeliner thickly on your lids.

  • Begin applying your eyeliner thinly from where your crease breaks in the outer corner; continue downwards making sure the upper lid along the upper lash line is tightly lined.
  • You should not exceed half or one-third of your lash line as going all the way to the inner corner of your eyes would not flatter the shape of your eyes.
  • Softly fill in the line by using a small flat brush to blend the eyeliner so it would appear crisp.

Note: It is important to make sure the inner corner of the eyes is not totally dark by creating a gradient towards the inner corner and blending the part into the lash line.

Step 4: Rim Your Bottom Lid with White Pencil

A way to also downplay the slant effect of your eyes is to rim your waterline with a white eyeliner or pencil. This will help obscure the line between the whites of your eyes and your skin thereby increasing the definition of your eyes.

Step 5: Apply Mascara

This step is optional but it also helps redefine the eye shape. Lightly swipe one or two coats onto the outer corner of your lashes, be sure not to smudge your lashes thickly with mascara as you are creating a natural look.

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Easy Eye Makeup Tutorial For Daytime

Knowing how to correctly pull off a simple eye makeup look for daytime is highly essential. A simple, subtle makeup look is what is ideal for daytime as heavy makeup look is more apparent due to the sun. daytime makeup should emphasize the natural contour of the eyes, hide blemishes around the eye area and must be long-lasting on the face without decking too many products on the eyelid. These are some tips to follow when trying to achieve easy eye makeup look for daytime.

Step 1: Apply Eye Primer on Your Lid

You wouldn’t want your eye makeup to crease or smudge some hours into its application, to prevent this you have to dab in some quantity of eye primer. Apply primer on your entire eyelid starting from the base of your lid to your brow bone and under your eye. This would help make your look last longer.

Step 2: Apply a Base Eye Shadow

With the aid of a small narrow brush, apply a matte shadow that matches your skin shade on the entire lid and all the way to your brow bone, an even base will be created for the eye makeup.

Step 3: Apply Eye Shadow

  • With the aid of a fluffy eye shadow brush, buff a medium brown or bronze-colored shadow on your lid from the inner corner of your eye to the center.
  • Apply a darker shade of brown on the crease and along the outer corner of the eyes. Ensure the colors are well blended in other to get rid of any harsh line or edges.
  • Brush on a light gold eye shadow over the center of your lid and blend it into the darker shade.
  • Thinly apply gold or medium brown shadow on your water line from the bottom inner corner of your eyes to the outer corner. You can also use it to highlight your brow bone.

Step 4: Wing in Eyeliner

To enhance and add depth to your eyes, you can thinly apply a line of your preferred eyeliner shade on the top lash line. In other to keep the look as simple as possible, you can opt in for a subtle brown shade as black eyeliner can overshadow the eye and make it appear small. You can slightly extend it to the outer corner to form a triangular wing. This would put more emphasis on the eye and make it look larger.

Step 5: Curl and apply mascara on your lashes.

  • Curling your eyelashes can help further accentuation the lashes, make it look gorgeous and appear longer. To make the eyelash curler more effective, blow hot air from a blow dryer on the curler for some seconds, be sure to feel the metal on your skin before clamping on your lashes so as to prevent burning your lid. Following this technique would result in fuller, curlier and longer lashes.
  • Finish off your look a little bit of mascara. Put the wand of your mascara at the tip of your lashes and swipe up gently. You can sweep the wand over your lashes once or twice.
  • You can also apply to your lower lashes as well but be sure to keep it very light.

Step 6: Create a Defined Brows

Choose an eye Shadow that is the same as your hair color, with the aid of a thin brush apply it on your eyebrows and brush it through with an eyebrow brush. This overall look will enhance the beauty of your eyes and give you an awoken appearance during the day.

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Natural Eye Makeup Guide For Blue Eyes

Knowing what makeup look suit your eye color or shape cannot be overemphasized. You should take your eye color into consideration before deciding on what look to wear. As a blue-eyed beauty, choosing what will complement your eyes is important. Blue eyes are colorful and very obvious therefore you need to go with neutral subtle colors that would not overshadow your eye color.  This makeup guide will be concentrating on how you can pull off a natural look for your blue eyes.

Step 1: Apply Eye primer on Your Eyelids

Apply a thin layer of your primer on a flat shadow brush or the tip of your index finger and carefully blend it into each of your lids. Apply it all the way to your brow bones and under your eyes. Allow it to properly dry and absorb into the skin. Applying primer before going on to apply your makeup helps in preventing crease and allows your make up to stay longer. It also creates a smooth and flawless canvas for your eye shadows and makes their colors brighter.

Step 2: Dab Concealer under your eyes

Dark circles can overshadow blue eyes particularly when pulling off a natural look so you might want to keep them covered up to have a perfect natural look. Lightly dot small quantity of concealer under your eyes and blend it in with a makeup sponge or your fingers. You can also apply concealer over your eyelid as it also helps in getting rid of discoloration or pigmentation on the skin.

Step 3: Create a Defined Brows

Choose an eye Shadow that is the same as your eyebrow color, with the aid of a thin brush apply it on your eyebrows and brush it through with an eyebrow brush. You can also make use of a brow pencil in the shade of your eyebrow and lightly fill your brows with it, making sure you follow their natural contour. This will enhance your blue eyes more.

Step 4: Apply Your Eyeshadow

  • Use a flat shadow brush to apply a matte brown shade to your lids all the way to your crease but not into the crease and blend it in.
  • Apply a bronze eyeshadow above the brown matte you applied and blend the colors properly to get rid of any harsh line of demarcation.
  • Buffa gold shade into your entire crease and blend it well to result in seamless natural finish.
  • Lightly apply a taupe shade right above your crease and blend it until it is almost unnoticeable.

Step 5: Highlight the Inner Corners of Your Eyes  

Apply highlighter on the inner corners of both eyes and blend with a makeup brush or your index finger. This will make your blue eyes look bigger and brighter. You can also make use of a neutral shimmery eyeshadow or light pencil eyeliner to achieve the same result.

Step 6: Line Your Eyes

Select light colored pencil eyeliner in beige, rose gold, white or any neutral shade as this will make your look appear more natural and would also make your eyes brighter. Use the pencil to line your upper and lower lash line lightly.

Step 7: Finishing touches

Curl your lashes to give it more volume. Clamp your eyelash curler on your upper lashes and hold it for 15 to 20 seconds. This makes your lashes appear fuller and makes your eyes more open. Then, apply two coats of mascara on your upper lash only. Since you are going for a natural look, you can choose a brown mascara shade. Your blue eyes wouldn’t be overshadowed unlike using black mascara.

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Natural Eye Makeup Guide For Green Eyes

Green is a striking color for the eyes and the fact that it’s not common makes it more special and enchanting. According to the statistic, just 2% of humans in the world possess green eyes. Knowing how to further accentuate and complement your eyes while keeping it simple and natural is highly important. If you want to know ways of naturally making your green eyes more alluring, then read on to learn a few tricks you can follow to achieve it.

Step 1: The Products You Need   

 To achieve a simple, natural look for your eyes, these are the products you will need.

  1. Eye Primer
  2. Mascara
  3. Eyebrow Curler
  4. Neutral Eyeshadow Palette
  5. Concealer
  6. Makeup Brush

Step 2: Selecting the Right Eyeshadow Shade

Since you are pulling off a natural look, it is extremely important to go for neutral colors like peach, soft brown, subtle brown, gray, taupe or beige. Choosing a dark or bold color will ruin the natural look you are trying to create. For this tutorial, we are going to recommend a light peach, white and soft brown eyeshadow shades.

Step 3: Prime Your Lid

A quality primer is required if you want to create a flawless look. This is the secret to a lasting and smudge-free eye makeup. Apply a dot primer on each of your lids and blend it in with your index finger, when it is dry, set it in with a translucent powder. This will help to create a smooth skin surface for your eyeshadow. You can also use a concealer in place of an eye primer if you don’t have as it does the same job as the eye primer.

Step 4: Apply Your Eyeshadow

  • Using a flat shadow brush, lightly apply your peach eyeshadow on your eyelid stopping just at your crease. Be sure to blend it into your lid properly to avoid creating any harsh line or demarcation.
  • Apply the white shadow over your top lash line area and blend in well.
  • Add the soft brown shade onto your crease and the outer corner of your eyes using a fluffy shadow brush. Be sure to create a gradient as you work on your crease.
  • Gently rim the same shade of brown on your waterline at your lower lash line.
  • You can also apply a soft shimmery shadow on the middle of your lid with a narrow blending brush and ensure it doesn’t get all over your entire lid.

Step 5: Apply Your Eyeliner

To ensure your eyeliner looks as natural as possible, thinly apply your eyeliner very close to your top lash line making sure it doesn’t extend to the inner corner of your eyes. Do not apply eyeliner on your lower lash line as it would draw attention away from your green eye and ruin the natural effect you are creating.

Step 6: Keep Your Brow Bone Highlighted

Select a light eyeshadow shade that matches your skin tone to highlight your brow bone. Then, use a small blending brush to properly blend the highlighter into the surrounding skin area.

Step 7: Curl Your Eyelashes

To make your eye makeup more enhanced, you can of an eyelash curler to curl your lashes to make them longer, fuller and of course, curlier. Clamp the curler on your upper lash for some seconds and the result would be lovely.

Step 8: Apply Mascara  

Finally, finish off your look with one coat of mascara. Put the wand of your mascara brush on your upper lashes and sweep it upward.

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Natural Eye Makeup Guide For Brown Eyes

Brown is a neutral color that doesn’t have an opposite color on the color wheel. Nearly all colors complement brown eyes. Bold colors such as light blues, deep purples, and metallic tone can make brown eyes pop and accentuate them in a good way. However, they cannot be used to pull out a natural look. It is important to know the right colors and techniques to incorporate when considering natural eye makeup for brown eyes. These are some tips that would guide you to get that perfect natural look.

Step 1: Selecting the Right Colors.

There are varieties of colors to choose from when it comes to natural eye make up for brown-eyed beauties. However, the shade of your brown eyes would determine which color would work best for you. Your skin tone is also a determining factor.

  • If you have dark brown eyes, you might want to consider a medium to dark shade eyeshadow.
  • If your brown eye is medium to light shade, you can try eyeshadow in bronze color.
  • For light brown eyes, you should do away with dark, heavy eyeshadow as this would hide the hint of gold and green in your eye. You can try dusty pinks or subtle, matte metallic shades to increase the intensity of the flecks.
  •   Select an eyeshadow that is nearly close to your skin tone as your base color. Taupe, whites and light brown are ideal for fair to medium tones. Darker skin tones can also use taupe and brown but should avoid white bases when creating a natural look because they don’t blend seamlessly on darker tones.
  • Choose a darker shade for your shadow. They can be browns, mauves, and taupes
  • For highlighter, choose the color that matches your skin tone but make sure it is a few shades lighter than your base shadow.

Step 2: Apply Your Base Eyeshadow

Glide your eyeshadow brush onto your selected base color; gently pat the side of the brush to get rid of surplus powder. Apply the base color onto your entire eyelid lightly, making sure your eyes during the application process. This will ensure that the base covers the entire lid.

Step 3: Apply Your Darker Shadow

Use an angle brush to brush on your selected eyeshadow color along your crease area. Start from the outer corner of your eye and stop before getting to the inner corner of your eye. The result should give off an extremely pigmented outer corner of the eyes and an incline towards a lighter inner corner.

Step 4: Blend In the Eyeshadows Properly

Buffa blending brush on your lid by making light, circular movement along the outline where the two colors meet. Start from the inner corner of your eyes and work your way in a back and forth movement to the opposite side. Continue to work your brush on your lid this way until the two colors are well blended together.

Step 5: Apply Your Highlighter

With the aid of your eyeshadow brush, apply a tiny dot of your preferred highlighter in the inner corner of your eyes and on your brow bone. Then, use a small blending brush to properly blend the highlighter into the surrounding skin area.

Step 6: Apply your Eyeliner

If you want to further accentuate your brown eyes, eyeliner is not a bad idea. However, eyeliner can be tricky to apply if you are settling for a natural look. Be sure to apply it thinly on your upper lash line so it would look as natural as possible.

Step 7: Apply Your Mascara

Just like eyeliner, you have to be careful not to brush on your mascara heavily in other to maintain that natural look. One or to coat of mascara on your upper lash is enough.

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What Clothing Colors Make Brown Eyes Pop

While you might be wondering how to enhance your eye color with the appropriate eye makeup. You should know that the color choice of your garments, also contributes to its enhancement. Brown is by far the most popular eye color and it comes in different hues, from light brown to dark. Brown eyes are considered a neutral color, but do not be afraid to choose some clothing options that can bring out the unique color in your eyes and make them beautifully pop.

  1. Go Blue

If you want to complement your beautiful eyes, blue clothing in any hue should be one of your favorites. This is because blue gives a high contrast against the brown color of your eyes, making the color look lighter. Vibrant hues like turquoise, ocean blue, cerulean or cobalt attract the intensity of the eyes, while icy blue, cornflower or soft pastel gives enough coolness to the eyes. You can also select rich blues like indigo, navy blue, midnight or soft denim blue to make your eyes stand out.

  • Go Red

Flirty color like red can be a good clothing choice but not every hue of red is good for brown-eyed people. Deep shades like burgundy, maroon, brick red, true red, and slightly burnt red are good choice as these colors will bring out the sharpness of your eyes without overwhelming them. However, Light reds like fire or cherry red may be too strong and can outshine your eyes.

  • Gold

When you want to bring out the richness of your brown eyes, gold is a great color to go for. It flatters your eyes and brings out light flecks that might happen to be in them. Go for warm gold that shimmers as it perfectly complements brown. Yellow gold or mustard also flatter and bring out the warmth of your brown eyes. Pale gold should however be avoided as it dulls up the eyes.

  • Matching Colors

You can wear clothing in the same color as your eyes to further enhance them. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in the exact shade with your eyes, a chocolate dress will make your eyes pop while a peanut color, mahogany or honey-brown piece will have the same effect. You can also wear creamier colors in the shade of coffee with a dash of milk

  • Green

This color has a similar effect as the color blue. An illusion of lighter eyes is created because of the high contrast particularly if you are wearing bold shades for green like chartreuse which is a green and yellow combination or Kelly green. Other green shades like Hunter green, khaki green, mossy green and deep olive also flatter brown eyes. You should note that eyes that are dark colored appear lighter than they normally are when surrounded by colors that counterbalance them.

  • White

If you have light brown eyes, wearing a white piece would intensify the brown color, making it more flattering and darker.

  • Pink  

Light shades like soft pink can also make your eyes pop. Go for a soft pink outfit or an outfit with a soft pink stripe or polka dot to emphasize more on your eye. Avoid bright pink-toned clothing as it would draw attention away from your eyes.

  • Tan or beige can also warm up dark brown eyes and put sparkle in them. You can also go for light purple shades like plum, soft raspberry or misty lavenders. These colors are excellent choices for brown-eyed beauties.
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How To Apply Eyeshadow For Blue Eyes

Blue eyes are very distinct and striking; they create a beautiful definition to the face. The fact that this particular eye color is rare makes it special and paring it with stunning shades of eye shadow further makes it more extraordinarily beautiful. It has the ability to sparkle more when a good swipe of color is used. So, if you want to know how to accentuate your gorgeous blue eyes and intensify its appearance with the right shade of eye shadow, this is your go-to guide.

Step 1: Choosing the Right Eye Shadow Shade.

Blue eyes stand out without much effort but picking the right colors can brighten it and put more attention on it. Blue eyes come in different hue and there are different shades that complement each category. Some shades are also recommended based on the occasion or your preference.

  • If you have light blue eyes, you might want to consider using neutral colors like rich brown, bronze, orange or gold to create a smoky look. This will create a contraction against the brightness of the eyes, making it irresistible.
  • To increase the intensity of blue eye, select tones that are matching like turquoise, blue, silver or grey.
  • If you want natural eye shadow look, opt for soft shade of brown or beige in the shade of your complexion
  • If you want to pull off a feminine, chic look, you can opt for a warm pink shade like coral. It will without doubt do the job perfectly.
  • If you want to accentuate your blue eyes and make it eye-catching, you can choose a warm purple color in amethyst, emerald, royal purple or cool lilac.
  • Remember to put your skin tone into consideration when choosing a shadow shade. You may want to use shades with orange undertone if you have warmer complexion. Brown or true gold shades may be more suitable if you have cooler tone.

Step 2: Prep Your Eyes.

After selecting the eye shadow shade that you find suitable, the next step is to prime the skin around your eyes. It is important to prime the skin around your eyes before applying your eye shadow as it would make the eye shadow stay longer than expected and it would also prevent it from smudging. You can also dab in a little amount of concealer to hide red patches and any discoloration.

Step 3: Apply Eye shadow.

  • Making use of a flat eye shadow brush, apply a warm, neutral matte base from your pallet on your eyelid and be sure to blend it up to your crease.
  • Buff the darker tone to your lid, starting from the outer corner of your eyes to your crease; just above the matte base, you applied earlier. Follow the contour of your eyeball to achieve this.
  • Using a clean brush, blend in the color properly by using a back-and-forth movement. This would result in a seamless transition.

Step 4: Highlight for Extra Pop.

Apply a cream based or pencil highlighter that is slightly pink-colored on the inner corner of your eyes to make them look bigger and the color, brighter. Choosing a slightly pink-colored highlighter makes the look more natural. Light-toned neutral shades from your pallet can also serve as a highlighter.

Step 5: Finishing Touches.

You might want to consider using brown or navy blue mascara on your lashes as it will contrast better with your eyes. Using two coats of mascara gently swipe it on your upper lashes. Also apply one coat to your lower lashes.

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How To Apply Eyeshadow For Brown Eyes

Brown eyes are the most commonest shade in the world. It is extremely versatile because almost all eye shadow hues complement it. While the brown hue comes in different variations ranging from amber, metallic gold, deep, chocolate to light brown. The same rules are applicable to all of them. If you possess brown eyes then experimenting with different colors and trying out new eye makeup options shouldn’t scare you. You can easily add any eye shadow shade into your routine because of the versatility of brown eyes. However, pulling off perfect eye makeup with a lot of options on your plate can be difficult, so we are sharing some tips on how to apply eye shadow on brown eyes without stress.

Step 1: Choosing an Eye Shadow Color.

Brown being a neutral color, many colors complement it. You can work with different colors that bests fit your shade of brown.

  • For deep brown shade, you can use bold hues like navy, cobalt or royal blue color. The contrast will make your eyes stand out beautifully.
  • If your brown eyes have a hint of hazel in them, you can use variants of purple shades.
  • For light brown eyes, warm colors like reddish or golden brown can be used. This will accentuate your eyes and add more depth to it.
  • If there are flecks of gold in your brown eyes, you can choose a metallic gold shade. This will further highlight and enhance the flecks of gold in your eyes thereby making the eyes sparkle.
  • Choosing an eye shadow pallet that has at least three shades is important if you want to create an eye shadow look that has great depth.

Step 2: Apply the Base Shade on Your Lid.

Using a fluffy eye shadow brush, apply the lightest shade on your pallet to your entire eyelid starting from the lash line to the crease. This would serve as an eye shadow base. Choose a neutral pallet for this step. It is necessary to work the color into your lid several times to allow enough colors on it as you are making use of a light shade. You can also put on a coat of white eye pencil to the entire eyelid prior to the application of the eye shadow. This would add as much intensity as possible to the light shade.

Step 3: Apply the Darker Shade into Your Crease.

Brush on a darker color that is a few shades darker than your skin tone into your crease. Brush back and forth on the crease along the brow bone starting from the outer part of your eye to the inner corner. This would help enhance the depth and dimension of your eyes. It is important you properly blend in the darker color with the base color; this would make it look seamless and natural.

Step 4: Brush on the Darkest Shade to the Outer Corner of Your Eyes.

Add a dark color to the outer corner of the eyes to accentuate them. You can apply the eye shadow in a triangle shape by pulling out from your top lash and blending it upwards. Be sure to blend the eyeshadows properly to get rid of lines or stark borders.

Step 5: Highlight the Inside of Your Eyes.

To further brighten the eyes, you can apply a tiny dot of highlighter on the inside of your eyes.

Step 6: Finish Off the Look.

As you apply eye shadow on your eyelids, little specks of powder is bound to fall at the bottom of your eyes. Use a makeup remover to carefully blot the bits away. You can also make use of a tape to blot the bottom of your eyes, the stickiness will pick up any stray shadow.

Bonus Tips: You can apply mascara to the upper lash to further define the eye.

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How To Apply Eye Makeup For Over 50?

How To Apply Eye Makeup For Over 50

Age, as they say, is but a number. That is why you must never let dark circles, wrinkles, and creases to tamper with your beauty when you can use eye makeup to remain youthful and attractive. Here are tips on how to apply makeup when you are over 50:

Try eye pencils

Use eye pencils instead of liquid liners since they create softer lines. You can make the line softer by smudging it with your fingers.

Use eyelid primer

Eyelid primer helps your eye makeup to stick for extended periods of time, and it makes applying eye makeup much smoother and more manageable. It is like applying paint primer to a wall before using the real paint.

Fake eyelashes

When you are over 50, your eyelashes might be a little more sparse than they used to be. Don’t be afraid to try false eyelashes, but you also shouldn’t use too much. Make sure to use enough glue so they don’t fall off.

Apply neutral eyeshadow

Do not go for very bright or dramatic colors when you’re applying eyeshadow. Stick to colors that are on the neutral side, and consider your skin tone as well. Use the right shade depending on the color of your eyes. If you have dark eyes, use deep, rich shades. For blue eyes, go for blue-gray, browns, coppers, and gold. For brown eyes, opt for browns, blues, or gold. Your eyes will stand out if you choose the right shades to complement your eyes and skin. If you are a bit more daring and love drama, you can apply a slightly darker color to the crease.

Important quick tips

  • Embrace your age and feel confident.
  • Exfoliate with a facial scrub daily or use a washcloth dipped in coconut oil. Dry skin never makes an excellent backdrop for makeup.
  • Apply sunscreen and wear hats as you go out in the day to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and spots.
  • Apply retinol cream to maintain glowing skin and reduce wrinkles after a few days. For aging skin, avoid retin-A.
  • Understand and employ the principle of “less is more” in eye makeup, and don’t be tempted to apply more to hide flaws that come with age.
  • Don’t just go for expensive makeup thinking it will shed more years from your face. Consider the right makeup for your skin type, not for the brand.
  • Get the best tools for applying makeup. The right tools improve results, even if your skills are not the best.
  • Make wise decisions when selecting your makeup products. Some are not very good or are too harsh for aging skin.
  • Don’t shy away from experimenting, but exercise caution, since you don’t want to look like a walking scarecrow if things go wrong. Get recommendations and never be afraid to seek expert help!
  • If you draw attention to your eyes, you’ll succeed in distracting people from any visible wrinkles or flaws.

When in doubt, get professional help with your makeup. Even your close relatives can be very helpful, especially if they are younger.

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How Can I Make My Eyes Beautiful Overnight?

How Can I Make My Eyes Beautiful Overnight?

Whether you’ve just landed a hot date for the next day or you’ve decided that you’ve had enough of dull eyes, there are many ways to make your eyes beautiful overnight. You can use either makeup or natural remedies for instant results.

1. Apply makeup skillfully

How you apply your makeup will determine whether your eyes come across as beautiful or scary. Some of the eye makeup tricks that you can follow are:

Enhance your eyes

Use different shades of eyeshadow to make your eyes appear more prominent. Light-colored shadow is good for the lid and brow bone, medium-colored shadow for the crease, and dark shadow for the lash line. To attract and reflect light, add a shimmery eyeshadow to the corners of your eyes.

Hide the dark circles

Apply concealer or BB cream to hide stubborn dark circles under your eyes that could be a result of lack of sleep.

Mascara magic

You can thicken your eyelashes by applying mascara. Try out different mascara, from waterproof to thickening to lengthening mascara, and see which one suits your needs best.

Eyebrow shaping

You can make your eyebrows the shape of your choice by plucking, threading, or waxing. If your eyebrows are too thin or irregularly shaped, use an eyebrow pencil to fill them in. Eyebrow mascara can also help to make them stick in place.

Eyeliner tricks

Use eyeliner properly, decide on whether you want darker or lighter eyeliner, and make your eyes appear larger by using white pencil eyeliner to line the inner corners.

Curl your eyelashes

This will make your eyes appear bigger and your eyelashes look longer. Eyelash curlers are available at affordable costs in drugstores.

Fake the eyelashes

False eyelashes are the way to go for those with short or scattered eyelashes. You can try different lengths, colors, and textures to see which ones give you your most desired look.

2. Natural Remedies

Chilled black or green tea bags

Bioflavonoids in black or green tea can help your body’s reaction to allergens and inflammations. Chilled black and green tea bags have been used for a long time as a remedy for puffy eyes.

Cucumber slices

You can hydrate the area around your skin by using sliced cold or fresh cucumber. Leave them on your eyes for ten minutes while you lie down flat.

Sleep is medicine

Sleep cures many ailments, especially those that result from a lack of rest. To avoid having red puffy eyes, ensure that you get as much sleep as you can. At least eight hours of sleep will give you stunning eyes overnight.

Keep clean    

Dirty eyes can never look beautiful. Ensure your eyes are clean and well taken care of.

3. Use herbal remedies

Lavender, cardamom, mint leaves, and rose water are some of the common herbal remedies you can use to reduce puffiness and give your eyes a bright, lively look. Honey, amla, and turmeric are also popular herbal remedies for beautiful eyes.

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What Eyeshadow Is Good For Brown Eyes?

What Eyeshadow Is Good For Brown Eyes

Brown is a neutral color, which means that almost all eye shadow colors will be a good match for someone with brown eyes. However, there are some colors that are better than others to make your brown eyes truly shine. You should also consider which shade of brown you are dealing with to prescribe the sharpest color tricks for perfect and amazing eye makeup.


Green shadows on people with brown eyes is stunning because of the intense but fitting contrast. Especially if your eyes are on the hazel side, using green shadow will make the hazel more vibrant. Green goes well with dark brown eyes, as well, but make sure you go with dark green.


Purple and brown are contrasting colors on the color wheel, hence its strong ability to bring out the beauty that brown skin carries. Purple makeup matches well with any eye, hair, or skin color.


Gold hues make your eyes glisten by bringing out the gold and copper flecks in your brown eyes. Gold also goes well with black eyes. A “golden” eye shadow beautifully contrasts with the darkness of black. It also reveals hidden traces of hazel in your eyes.


Grey tones make brown eyes look larger, especially if the grey eyeshadow you’re using is on the lighter side. Try pressing grey into your lash lines and lids, and enjoy the fantastic look it creates. If you’re going for a dark but subtle look, grey is the perfect way to go.


If you have light brown eyes, try bronze for parties and nights out! It perfectly complements the lighter specks in your eyes, and it can also create glamorous and stunning makeup looks.

Soft Brown

If you really want your eyeshadow to match your eyes, then this is the best pick, especially if you’re going for a natural-looking makeup design. Soft brown complements your eyes to give them a perfect everyday look.


Wear the loveliest color on your brown eyes and see how wonderful your eyes can be! Violet brings out the light flecks in the brown, resulting in a fantastic look for a night out or any other special occasion.


The cool tone of silver beautifully contrasts with the warmth of brown eyes, making them stand out with a fabulous metallic makeup look.


Taupe is a toned gray shade with purple undertones. Especially if you have light brown eyes, this will give you a striking and incredible look.


If you are looking for something for your dark brown eyes, plum eyeshadow is one of the best. Plum shades complement dark brown eyes very well.

Rose gold

This one brings out the beauty in the eyes of anyone who uses it. It is clearly a fantastic choice for your brown eyes, especially if you are one of the lucky few who have big brown eyes. You can always opt to tone it down or build it up depending on the occasion you are dressing for, as it is quite neutral.

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20 Glitter Eye Makeup Ideas

20 Glitter Eye Makeup Ideas

Nearly every lady in town wants eyes that cause everyone she meets to turn his eyes. Currently, one sure means of achieving this is by applying shiny glitter eye makeup that makes your eyes shine, giving you the trapping eyes you’ve always craved. Just remember to avoid risky options such as craft glitter and stick to cosmetic glitter that is safe to apply near your eyes. Here are some of the gorgeous glitter looks for your eyes.

1. Neutral with gold

This is what you go for when you don’t want a look that is too loud. For the best results, mix copper and gold eyeshadow, then add gold glitter to the center of the eyelid.

2. Iridescent glitter over purple

The glitter will make the purple of the eyeshadow stand out, and it will also make your eyes sparkle.

3. Silver, pink, and purple gradient lid

This one blends three shadows and their corresponding colors of glitter across the entire lid for maximum glitter effect.

4. Glitter brows and lashes

Whereas most glitters are put on the eyelids, you sometimes just want to do something unique, so you choose to add glitter brows and lashes.

5. Black, chunky glitter

This works best with a deep shadow base to give your eyelids a distinctive look.

6. Mint glitter

This is another special one that looks awesome when brushed over a purple shade.

7. Pink glitter with a solid crease

You surely won’t ignore how beautiful that solid crease, contrasted with the pink glitter, can get.

8. Silver glitter and black corners

Solid glitter with a smoked out edge always stands out

9. Glitter crease line

Put a thin line of glitter along the crease, and you will never want anything else.

10. Chunky iridescent glitter over white

Get flashy by adding depth to your eyes with this glitter.

11. Corner Glitter

Slightly smearing glitter on the deep corners of your eye will definitely make them look brighter.

12. Sparkling liner

Use a thick line of glitter to frame your black liner to get the sharp glamor you have always desired.

13. Green on black

This jewel-toned green will definitely look amazing over a smooth black base.

14. Full black glitter lid

Put a solid shadow base of black and then cover the whole lid with black glitter.

15. Red glitter

Red glitter stands out, especially if paired with stark black liner and lashes.

16. Golden glitter

Gold means preciousness, and that’s precisely what this glitter will give your eyes.

17. Peachy glitter

It’s a wow contrast, especially if you have soft-tone brown eyelids.

18. Salmon glitter

This amplifies the color of the eyelids with the glamor that glitter brings.

19. Velvet glitter

Now imagine velvet on the eyes and lips – absolutely stunning!

20. Salmon glitter

Do you love stars? Salmon glitter gives you starry eyes.

Nothing sparkles like glitter, nothing beautifies like glitter! These glittery eye makeup ideas will certainly give you the striking look you have always desired.

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10 Office Eye Makeup Tips To Look Your Best Everyday

10 Office Eye Makeup Tips To Look Your Best Everyday

Eye makeup is one of the things that can make you look either appealing or entirely out of place. A well-made-up face will make your eyes stand out. So, as you look after your eyes, you should also consider your overall face makeup. Follow these eye makeup tips to look young and lively with every step you make in and out of your office doors.

1. Ensure your face is clean

It is gross to even think of someone jumping out of bed and rushing to apply makeup on a face sticky with sweat. If you need to retouch your makeup in the day, wash your face or simply use wet wipes to remove the greasy sweat before doing anything else with makeup.

2. Stick to cold showers

Hot showers will leave you feeling psyched up for the day, but it is never the best if you’ll be putting on some makeup afterward. It leaves your skin dry, and makeup comes out best when your skin feels smooth and moist.

3. Subtly enhance your eyes

Most skin tones go well with plum or soft brown on the eyelid and into the crease. You can add a touch of eye shadow if you are more daring.

4. Trim, but do not over-trim

Too much trimming would make you look like a scarecrow, so if you had it for the weekend, use eye pencil to draw some sweet, stylish outline.

5. Use a BB cream or concealer

Go for a BB cream that matches your skin tone, and you’ll be sure to enjoy its benefits as a foundation, sunscreen, and moisturizer at the same time. If you have stubborn marks that refuse to go away even after applying a BB cream, make concealer your go-to back up.

6. Keep your eye makeup simple

An office is not the place for seductive smoky or electric eyes. As a focused professional, you don’t want your colleagues and others in your work environment to go drooling with lust or even feeling uncomfortable in your presence.

7. Don’t overdo it

Your makeup may not necessarily be smoky or electric, but too much of it would make you look out of place. Go easy on the mascara.

8. Use expert advice

If you are not a pro in eye makeup, it does not make you less of a lady. You can use online tutorials, friends’ guidance, and a lot of practice before leaving for the office. Remember you must never go with a trial version to the office!

9. Save fake lashes for weekends

Fake eyelashes can be so embarrassing if they fall off in the middle of a meeting due to some glue failure. Save them for the weekends and keep your natural lashes for the office.

10. Avoid product testing

An office is not the best place to go product-testing, since anything can go wrong. Wait until the weekend or after work before trying something new.

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What Are Hooded Eyes?

What Are Hooded Eyes

The eye is the most important feature on the face because it is unarguably the number one thing people see when they meet with you. There are six common eye shapes; almond, monolid, round, downturned, upturned and hooded. However, hooded eye is what would be extensively discussed in this article.

What are Hooded Eyes?

These are the type of eyes that feature layer of folded skin or fat that sags from the brow bone to the top lash line; it sags over the natural crease of the eye causing the eyelid to look smaller. It also has a way of making you look like you are sleepy. Some people are given birth to naturally with it while some get hooded eyes as they age and get older due to reduction of elasticity in the skin.

How common is Hooded Eye Shape?

The phrase “hooded” tagged with the eye shape might seem ominous; it is a very common eye shape even among internationally known superstars and celebrities. Celebrities Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lawrence, Naomi Campbell, Ruby Rose, Blake Lively and many others are such beauties to behold so your hooded shaped eye shouldn’t make you uncomfortable or make you think you are less attractive.

What are the causes of Hooded shaped Eyes?

The commonest cause of hooded eye can be attributed to hereditary, if any of your parents has hooded eyes then how you have it shouldn’t be a question anymore as it was genetically transferred to you. Another very common cause is aging; its natural effect makes the skin around the eyes droop. This is because the skin tends to become less elastic as one grows older and face become less firm and plump. Loose skin around the eyes is often the result from this. Getting injured on the eyes or combating some certain eye diseases can also cause the skin around the eye to sag.

What is the Perks of Having Hooded shaped Eyes?

Having hooded eyes comes with some benefits in the makeup world, some of them are:

  1. You can play with and experiment with different seasonal colors and get away with it as most of your eyelid is covered. This gives you a natural subtle look.
  2. Proper blending of your eyeshadow is not really necessary because there is not enough space between the lid and the brow bones. The harsh lines will hardly be visible.
  3.  You won’t need as much eye makeup products as the surface area to work on is small.

The Disadvantages of Hooded Eyes

  1.  Eyeliners and mascaras easily get smeared as they are transferred on the folded skin covering your eyes.
  2. It is very difficult to pull off an “on fleek” cat eye look or a dramatic eyeliner flick as you do not have enough eyelid space to draws those looks on.
  3. False lashes can also be difficult to rock because it touches the skin above your lid anytime you blink.

Can Hooded Eyes be Gotten Rid of?

You can get rid of hooded eyes temporarily by mastering makeup tricks that can enhance and accentuate your eye. It can also be ridden naturally by making use of organic products such as cucumber, egg white, etc. Another permanent measure that could be taken is to undergo surgery.

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How To Get Rid Of Hooded Eyes?

How To Get Rid Of Hooded Eyes

While not exactly a problem many beautiful people worldwide have hooded eyes, but if you are feeling uncomfortable with it, there are several measures you can take to get rid of it either temporarily or permanently. There are 3 basic approaches to treating a hooded eye.

  • Applying makeup to temporarily cover the folded skin
  • By using natural products that will alleviate your looks
  • Undergoing facial surgery to permanently remove the excess skin covering the lid.

These are the 3 ways that would be focused on in this discussion. It’s important to know which one would be easy and the best for you before you make any decision.

Makeup Measure

This is a temporary approach to getting rid of hooded eyes because as soon as you wash off your makeup, you are back to having a hooded eye. However, it still helps in hiding it for as long as you want. It is very crucial to know the steps, tricks and the right products to use when you want to do eye makeup as it might end up a disaster by not following the right procedure.

  • Use waterproof eyeliner and mascara. One of the disadvantages of the hooded eye is that your eyelashes in constantly touching your brow bone every time you blink, so using a mascara that is not waterproof is not advisable as it will smear your brow bone
  • Know where to apply your makeup. You might not want to apply makeup on your upper lid when it is going to disappear once your eye is opened. Apply eyeliner on your lash line and eyeshadow below your brow bone.
  • Use your lower eyelid for a smoky look.
  • Create your crease by putting on colors that are contrasting. Use a darker shade on the eye socket and apply a lighter shade under your brow bone.

Using Natural Methods

This method is effective for getting rid of hooded eyes, it is easy and convenient to pull through and it also doesn’t have any side effect. These are some of the natural products:

  • Cucumber: Cucumber has anti-inflammatory property which makes it effective for getting rid of hooded eyes. It helps in tightening the sagged skin around the eyes. Put slices of cucumber that are chilled over the eyes for 20 minutes and rinse your eyes with cold water afterwards.
  • Aloe Vera Gel: This also helps in de-stressing and soothing the eye area.  Gently massage in cold aloe vera gel on your eyelids in a circular motion, do this for some minutes and leave it for 30 minutes before rinsing off with cold water.
  • Egg White: This is known to increase skin elasticity and also tightening the skin as well. Apply whisked egg white on the lid and rinse off with cool water when it is dry.
  • Ice Cubes: You can say goodbye to hooded eyes by applying ice cubes on your eyelids. It helps in tightening and lifting loose skin around the eyes.

Undergoing Surgery

 This is a one-time permanent approach to getting rid of hooded eyes. It is called “Blepharoplasty” in medical term which is the removal of the folded or excess skin atop the eye. It should however, be done in a conservative way to retain a youthful appearance. Consulting a surgeon who is highly experienced and specializes in facial aesthetics is important as it is the surgeon that would decide if you need a surgery or not.

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How To Do Smokey Eye Makeup Flawlessly?

How To Do Smokey Eye Makeup Flawlessly

A smoky eye is what you need if you want to make your look more dramatic and striking. It exudes that high level of sexiness and a sense of power but it is crucial to know the techniques to follow when applying so it wouldn’t end up a disaster. Here are the few easy steps you can take to create that flawless, perfect smoldering look.

Step 1: Prime The Skin Around Your Eyes.

A terrible way to start a smoky eye makeup is to forget to prep the base. You wouldn’t want your smoky eye to smear just hours into an application, what will prevent this is by applying primer gently on your eyelids and under your eyes. This helps you make to stay for a long period.

Step 2: Apply Concealer

 Dark circles and black spots kill the hotness that comes with a smoky look to the need to neutralize them cannot be overemphasized. To cover any discoloration or redness around your eyes, dab in concealer on the areas around the eyes making sure it’s well blended using the ring finger. You can also powder your under-eye using a mid-tone powder that matches your skin tone. Tap a fluffy brush on the powder and apply it under your eye. It is important is that it catches loose particles from your eyeshadow while applying it. Carefully wipe the powder with a tissue when you have finished with the look. Flawlessness is the result that you will get from this.

Step 3: Apply a Dark Shadow

Apply the darkest shade from your eyeshadow pallet from the lashes to the crease of your eyes. Then, make use of an angled brush to apply the eyeshadow along the lower lash. The darkest point should be however kept at upper edge of the lash line. You don’t necessarily have to use black shade to create a smoky look, you can also experiment with dark shades like gray, bronze, navy or any shade that will add that element of surprise to the sexy look. To make your eye pop amidst the smoky look, apply a light-shade highlighter on your brow bone to achieve that.

Step 4: Smudge out Your Look

Harsh line on a smoky eye is a show spoiler so blending it softly at edges is required. Use a smudger brush to gently apply the shade into the crease, implement the movement windshield wiper and apply the same shade into your lower lash line as well.

Step 5: Work On Defining Your Eyes

Use a black eye pencil that is preferably waterproof to create a thick line along your upper lash line, then line the lower lash lightly and make sure both lines meet at the outer corner of the eyes. You can smudge out the line using your brush. To intensify the darkness, you can tightline the inside of your lower lash line. Simply pull the skin under your eye downward and create a line on the part that is closest to your eyeball.

Step 6: Curl and Apply Mascara on Your Lashes

What will finally make the look complete is curling the eyelashes using a curler.  Carefully clamp the curler on the base of the lashes for four seconds, repeat the process until the lashes are well curled to the end. Finally, finish off the look the look by coating the lashes 2-3 times with volumizing mascara on your upper lashes, then wiggle in a single coat on your lower lashes.

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How To Determine Eye Shape?

How To Determine Eye Shape

Determination of the natural shape of your eyes is important because this lets you know the type of eye makeup that would enhance your eyes. This is the secret to creating a flawless eye makeup. This article will teach you the different shapes of eyes and how to know what shape is yours.

There are 6 common eye shapes to put into consideration. They are:

  • Monolid Eyes
  • Round Eyes
  • Almond Eyes
  • Downturned Eyes
  • Upturned Eyes
  • Hooded Eyes

Monolid Eyes: This is the type of eye that is flat at the surface and the natural crease on the lid is absent. The brow bones are less defined if you have this type of eye shape. The best way to give definition to your eye is by creating a faux crease. Do this by using a gradient of eyeshadow to create that illusion. You can also curl your lashes for added definition and lift.

Round Eyes: This type of eye is usually referred to as ‘cute eye’ due to its large and striking shape. The crease on the lid is visible and the iris is surrounded by white which separates it from the upper and lower lids. The width and length of the eyes are also equal. You might want to accentuate it by elongating its shape. This could be achieved by applying the darkest shade of shadow in your pallet on your crease starting from the middle of your lid to the outer corner of the eye then wing your lid using liquid eyeliner.

Almond Eyes: Almond eyes are literally shaped like an almond. For almond eyes, there is a crease on your lid that is visible and part of your iris is hidden under the eyelids, unlike the round eye where the entire iris is visible. This shape is very easy to work on for eye makeup because it is symmetrical, just follow and accentuate the shape of your eye. You can tight line the waterline of your eye but avoid lining your bottom lid.

Downturned Eyes: If you have downturned eyes, the outer corner of your almond shaped eye is tilted downwards. If you can’t really tell, draw an imaginary straight line across your eye, the outer corner will definitely turn down under the straight line. The suitable eye makeup for this shape is the “cat eye” look.

Upturned Eyes: This is the exact opposite of downturned eyes. It is a shaped eye that has the outer corner flicking upward with the bottom lid larger and longer than the upper lid. The top and bottom lid proportion can be evened out by creating mirror effect. This is done by applying a dark shadow on the bottom lid to remove the lifted effect.

Hooded Eyes: Hooded eye has a layer of folded skin that sags over the natural crease of the eye causing the eyelid to look smaller. While it occurs when most people age and get older due to lack of elasticity of the skin, there are people that are also born with hooded eyes. A smoky is what you might be considering to pull off if you have hooded eyes.

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How Do You Do Eye Makeup Without Makeup?

How Do You Do Eye Makeup Without Makeup

Eye makeup defines and enhances the eyes, giving the entire face a gorgeous look. However, eye makeup can either make or mar your game; it solely depends on your application. This is why it’s important to know some beauty tricks and tips you can use to achieve that beautiful and on-point eye makeup. Following this detailed, step by step tutorial correctly would amp your game and makes you a professional.

STEP 1: Knowing the Essential products you need

Choosing the right products for eye makeup should be your priority as this can make a world of difference. Below are basic products you need to get that perfect eye makeup.

Step 2: Prepping the Eye Area

It’s extremely important to prep the skin around the eyes since that’s where the makeup goodness would be splashed. Clean the skin around the eyes and follow it up with an eye cream or a moisture based cream. Next, apply eye primer on the lid, this helps in creating a smooth surface for the eye makeup and it also helps it stay longer. You can do this by applying a dot on the lid and blend it in. Once the primer dries up, apply concealer to even out any discoloration around the eyes, it also allows the eyeshadow to stay better on the skin.

Step 3:  Application of Eyeshadow

The function of eyeshadow is to give dimension and add depth to your eyes, provided it’s applied appropriately. It also accentuates your eye color and makes it look bigger. You need an eyeshadow that ia a shade lighter than your skin tone, a contour shade that is three shades darker than the skin around your eyes, and mid-tone shade. Here are the steps to follow to apply your eyeshadow correctly:

  1. Grab your small flat brush, glide it on the lightest shade on the pallet and apply it in the inner corner of your eyes. To make the application easy, you can dampen the tip of your brush with water, then dab it on the eyeshadow and reapply. This will make it highly pigmented and make your eyes pop. Also, apply the same shade on your brow bone to highlight it as this will make it more defined.
  2. Use a blending brush to apply the mid-tone shade above the crease, blend it from the outer corner of the eyes inwards.
  3. Making use of the dark shade, contour the outer corner of the eye by applying it into the crease. Be careful not to blend in too much because it should not be higher than the mid-tone shade.

Step 4: Curl Your Eyelashes

To make your eye makeup more enhanced, you can curl your lashes to make them longer, fuller and of course, curlier.

Step 5: Apply Eyeliner

You can apply eyeliner for extra drama and added definition. You can make it clearly defined or smudged depending on your preference. It definitely looks great either way.

Step 6: Apply Mascara  

Finally, finish off your look with some sweeps of mascara. Put the wand of your mascara brush on your lashes and sweep it back and forth.

A quick tip: Remember to wash your brushes.

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15 Expert Eye Makeup Tips For Wedding

15 Expert Eye Makeup Tips For Wedding

Congrats on the pending nuptials!

Your wedding day is an exciting experience, don’t get stressed about your makeup on that day. Follow these 15 expert tips to stay flawless, even through the tears that may fall.

Get it done professionally

This is probably one of the best tips you will get. Professionals will use the best products and can create the look you want if you bring in examples. Makes sure you go to someone you trust. When my sister scheduled her makeup appointment, they let her come in for a free trial with her makeup artist the day of her bridal shower so she could be sure of her skill level. See if your salon does something similar.

Will it look good in photos 20 years from now

Your wedding photos are going to be looked at years from now. You don’t want to flinch every time you take them out and see horrendous colors or overdramatic contouring. Make sure you go for a simple, clean, timeless look.

Transfer proof

Think about the product you’re using. Is it going to rub off at the reception when you wipe your mouth with a napkin? Will your lipstick smear at the alter during the kiss? Use high quality, transfer-proof makeup for this special day.

Waterproof (tearproof)

Tears and weddings are a package deal. Don’t lose your flawless look because you let you one fall, or be too worried about your look to let yourself experience the overflowing emotions of the big day. Use waterproof makeup and remember to dab, not wipe, your eyes.

Colors match your wedding colors

If you want a bit of color in your makeup, see if you can match it to your wedding colors and still get that timeless look.


Will your makeup last all day? If not, get some that will, or use a setting spray to ensure your look wont wear off halfway through the reception while you’re dancing and possible working up a sweat. Pictures are going to get snapped all night, make sure you’re photo ready.

Use a matte foundation

The matte foundation will give you a good base for all your makeup and help create a look to make your eyes pop. It also means you will have to use less powder and setting throughout the event.

Setting powder

Oily skin can cause a lot of issues. Make sure to use a setting powder on your eyelids to absorb any oil that may be there and to create a barrier between the oils your skin produces and the makeup you apply. Even if your skin is dry, this will help keep everything in place at the reception if you’re dancing around and start to sweat.


Use a concealer around your eyes to hide any darkness of your upper lid or bags under your eyes.


As I stated earlier, oil is the enemy. Make sure to bring something to blot your face as oil builds up over the night. Oil blotting sheets will work fine for this and come in little packages that will be easy for your bridal party to carry around for you. This way you don’t have to keep adding powder to your face to absorb the oil.


In your photos, you don’t want to look washed out or disappear. Make sure to define your brows and lashes so people can clearly see your eyes in your photos. Use something longer lasting than your typical powder for your eyebrows, consider a cream.

Matte eyeshadow

Make sure to define the shape of your eyes with neutral matte colors. If you use a matte shadow, you won’t have to worry about it reflecting the flash of the photographer’s camera and it taking away from your gorgeous look.

Use eyeliner

Don’t use a powder for your eyeliner. It looks good in real life, but sometimes doesn’t appear as defined in photographs. Using a line to highlight the shape of your eye, instead of a powder, will ensure that your eyes pop in your photos. Black is a little harsh, try a dark brown for a softer look. Make sure it is waterproof!


Though the first tip on the list was to go get it done by a professional, there is always the option to do it yourself. If you do, make sure you practice and experiment with different look leading up to the special day. Maybe try out a few looks and see which causes the strongest reaction in your spouse.


As with the eyeliner, black can come across a little harsh. Try and use a dark brown, waterproof mascara for your special day. This is especially true for people who don’t wear a lot of makeup on a regular basis. When you look back on the photos of that day, you want to recognize the person in those pictures.  

Hopefully these tips will help you out on your big day. Remember blotting sheets and setting powder to defeat the oil and sweat!

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Is It OK To Wear Makeup To the Gym?

Is It OK To Wear Makeup To the Gym

Honestly, why not.

Do what you want! It’s your face and your makeup and people have no right to tell you can’t wear makeup to the gym if you want to!

There are several brands out there with makeup lines specifically designed to stay on while you feel the burn. Some of these are Tarte, Clinique, E.L.F, and Covergirl, just to name a few.

There are some things to take into consideration when making the choice to wear makeup at the gym or not.

Will Your Makeup Last

Probably one of the most important things to think about before you head to the gym all done up and ready for the day, is will your look last?

Usually, the point of wearing makeup is to look nice, if you’re going to look like a sweaty clown in yoga pants by the end of your workout, was it worth the effort to put your makeup on in the first place? I’m guessing not really.

As I stated above, there are brands out there creating lines for people who like to wear makeup and workout at the same time. Maybe get some gym specific makeup for your next workout, and see how it compares to your usual brand.

Why Wear It

You might want to consider why you are or aren’t wearing makeup to the gym. You also might want to consider why others do wear makeup to the gym.

Red face? Rosacea? Meeting people? As long as you’re actually using the equipment and not interrupting another person’s workout, it’s fine to wear makeup at the gym.

We all get a little red in the face when we work out, but if your skin has a naturally pinkish tone it can be very prominent. Some people are self-conscious of this and may chose to put on foundation to cover it up.

Maybe to you it is only the gym and you’re not there to meet people, but that doesn’t mean nobody else is. It also doesn’t mean you won’t meet anybody. It’s a public space, you could run into to person you have a crush on, or an old frenemy.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to look good while getting fit, and if you think you need makeup to look good, then go for it.

Other People’s Opinions

You will probably get some flack about wearing makeup to the gym from other people, ignore them and their negativity. It’s your choice and your body!

I know that is easier said than done, but it is doable. Bring your headphones and focus on your workout, or if you’re with a friend, focus on them.

If you are the one judging people who wear makeup to the gym, maybe don’t be so judgmental. You don’t know them. Maybe they need the confidence makeup gives them, maybe they came right from work or a date and haven’t washed their face yet. You don’t know them, their circumstances, or what’s going on in their minds, so politely keep your negativity to yourself and focus on your reps or mile time.

If you’re going to the gym, keep these things in mind, whether you wear makeup when you do, or not.

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How Can I Make My Eye Makeup Last Longer?

How Can I Make My Eye Makeup Last Longer

Do you have issues getting your eye makeup to stay on throughout the day? If so, this article will help you keep your eyes smudge free and flawless all day!

A lot of people don’t realize that waterproof makeup isn’t oil proof makeup. In fact if it wear, it would be almost impossible to take off. This means all makeup breaks down on contact with oil, though some take longer than others. It also means if you have oily skin, you are going to be especially prone to smudged eyeliner, unless you follow these beauty tips.

 Don’t touch your face.

It may seem obvious, but touching our faces is something an individual does 2000-3000 times a day!

It is tempting. It’s an involuntary reaction for most people. Are you touching your face right now? Tomorrow, keep track of how often you rub your eyes or your forehead.

For people like myself with already oily skin, this can cause serious makeup issues. Every time you touch your face oil is deposited, and since gravity is a thing, the oil moves down your face and can cause your makeup to smudge.

Use a setting powder.

Setting powders not only absorb the oil on your skin but put a barrier between your oily skin and your makeup to help your look last all day.

Some people don’t like to use powder on their faces because they believe it will buildup in their pores and cause breakouts. They aren’t 100% wrong, but making sure to wash your face once you’re done with your look is a good way to ensure that doesn’t happen.

So, if you think your favorite eyeliner is the problem, think again. Next time you put makeup on, use a small brush to apply the setting powder directly to your eyelid first, then complete your look. You may need to reapply the powder throughout the day, as your skin produces oil, but it’s better than wearing smudged eyeliner.

 Coal liners are best for your waterline.  

When you apply waterproof eyeliner to your waterline, the water that is present and the waterproof makeup will repel one another.

You can try to dry the waterline, and apply the eyeliner, but that doesn’t always work as our eye are constantly producing water. Try using a coal pencil instead.

Coal pencils are not waterproof, but the material they are made of is super dry. It may seem weird at first, but once it hit the water on your waterline, it absorbs it and turns into almost a paste. It doesn’t sound comfortable, but it does dry and lock into place.

Apply your favorite waterproof eyeliner on top of the coal liner and it will protect it from the water and help it last.  

These are three simple tricks to keep your eye makeup on all day. Try them out next time you need a look to last all day!

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How To Make My Eyes Look Bigger Naturally?

How To Make My Eyes Look Bigger Naturally

Do you want your eyes to look bigger, but not over-dramatically so?

There are the obvious tricks like, false lashes and blending your dark eyeshadow to your ears, but those can easily be overdone and not subtle enough for your everyday look. Our guide here will show you how to make your eyes appear larger, but not outrageously huge.

Make sure you use a setting powder before you start your look. This will help your look last all day and decrease the need for touchups.

Apply Concealer

After your setting powder, apply a thin layer of concealer around your eyes, the upper lid and underneath as well as the sides of your nose. This will help to disguise any darkness around your eyes.

Like many people I have dark crescents under my eyes, from lack of iron and lack of sleep. This trick helps me not only look fresh, but start my look fresh, like a blank canvas.  

Also, by lightening the area around the eyes, it creates the illusion of them coming forward. This will begin to make them appear larger already.

Upper Lid

Apply a light matte color, I personally use white, to your upper lid.

Matte colors are great for creating new shapes as they won’t reflect the light. If your eye shadow reflects the light it will ruin the illusion you are trying to create by reflecting the light and revealing the true shape and size of your eye.

Next, you’re going to want to apply a light matte color to the crease and blend well. I use a light brown to keep the look simple and subtle.

Lower Lid

When you smile, you will see a natural shadow created under your eye.

Sticking with the natural colors, find a matte color which fits close to the color of that shadow.  Apply this to the bottom of that shadow, it will form around the bottom of your actual eyeball.  Blending this will come later.

Lash Line

Using a very thin brush, apply dark brown or a dark grey eye shadow to your lash line on your top lid.

Make sure to get as close to the lashes as possible for the most natural look. If your eyes are close together, don’t go all the way to the end of you lash line. If your eyes are an average distance apart, or further apart, feel free to go right to the tear duct with this step.

Prolong the line past the outer edge of your lashes and connect it with your bottom lash line. Blend well for a seamless look.  


Use a white mascara first and let that dry before adding a dark brown or black mascara, depending on your desired look.

Once your white mascara dries, apply the darker mascara to only the tips of your lashes. Applying mascara to only the tips of your lashes will make your eyes look rounder and make them pop more than a normal application of mascara.

The Last Lash

Using a wet brush and the same eyeshadow you used along your lash lines, draw your last lash, or your wing, on each eye.

Mimic the angle of your last actual eyelash but make your line a little longer for the full effect.

Complete the Look

Now that your eyes are done finish off the look with a subtle lip color, so as to not take away from your eyes.

I hope you liked or guide for big and natural eyes! Try it out and people around you will notice how gorgeous your eyes are more often!  

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20 Eye Makeup Ideas For Night Party

20 Eye Makeup Ideas For Night Party

When you go out do you want to sparkle and shine, or be dark and mysterious? Either way, one of these looks is for you.


From a young age, people like glitter. At some point, a lot of us get over it (sadly). It’s time to embrace a younger you and go all out with this look! Use that glitter eyeline on your whole lid with a heavy liner to give it a nice frame.


Adhesive gems can be useful for spicing up a classic look. Go from subtle to poppin’ with a couple pieces of bling and it’ll be a night to remember.


Always a classic and a go to for many, you could do a Smokey eye. There is a reason it never goes out of style. But maybe you could add some gems or a splash of glitter to change things up a bit.

Shimmer Brows

A new look for me, I recently discovered girls adding glitter to their eyebrows. Make sure yours are on fleek before you add the glitter and draw unwanted attention to uneven brows!


Hearts or starts, the choice is yours. Add a stick to the inside or outside of your lash line for a new and exciting look!

Metallic Eyeshadow

Metallic colors bring a lot of options to the table. Gold, silver, bronze, the choice is yours! Match with a metallic lipstick and you’re set for a night on the town!


Reds, oranges, and yellows can be combined for a hot night! Start with a yellow at the bottom and a red at the top, blending in the center to create the illusion of a flame on each eyelid.

Sparkling Lash Line

Use a glitter shadow near the lash line, or sparkling liner, to add a bit of flair to any look.

Double Cat Eye

Cat eyes are a classic, and not easy to accomplish. If you like a challenge, try doing it twice and have a long wing extend from both your top and bottom lash line at the same angle and of the same length.  

Floating Liner

You don’t always have to apply your liner directly to your lash line, especially if you’re looking to spice things up. Floating liner means you lift away from your lash line around the center of your lid and create a wing. Use this wing to hold up some fun colors or even some glitter!

Go Abstract

If you’re an artsy person with a lot of time on your hands before your evening out, you might try drawing some abstract designs on those lids of yours, or even just off to the side of your eyes. For an asymmetrical look draw an abstract design around one eye, but go simple with the other.

Bold Color Liner

Forget the blacks, browns, and grays for tonight. Pull out that teal or purple liner and go for it. Maybe you have a red liner somewhere that would go great with your cherry-red lipstick.

Yin and Yang

Use a black shadow on the inside of your eye and a white shadow on the outside or reverse it. Either look with be dramatic and fun! Just don’t blend too much or it’ll loos it’s effect.

Full Cat Eye

If you’ve mastered the cat eye, why not make it more dramatic. Use your liner to cover the whole lid, or a dark eye shadow if your liner is too heavy.


Monochrome makeup is a fun way to play with your favorite color. Grab a lipstick, a liner, and an eyeshadow, all the same shade for this look, match it to your shoes if you want!

Take a Tip from Twiggy

One of Twiggy’s most famous looks was her intense spiked eyeliner. Why not bring it back? It’s fun, dramatic, and simple. Do a thick line on your top lash line, draw seven thin spikes the length of your lower lashes on your lower lash line, and use a dark eyeshadow in your crease.

Wine Night

Deep reds are great for any occasion. Break out that burgundy eye shadow and lipstick, neutral enough for any outfit, but dark enough to be mysterious.

Go Glossy

Glossy makeup gives you a shimmery look without the need to mess around with glitter. It’s the best makeup to use if you’re trying to get that enchanting mermaid look.

Peachy Keen

Pink can be sexy. Use darker peach tones with a heavy black eyeliner and strong eyebrows for a dramatic contrast. Add a peach lip to finish the look.

Upside-down Smokey eye

Take the classic look and turn it upside down, using the darker colors on your bottom lid for a new dark and dramatic look.