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What Clothing Colors Make Brown Eyes Pop

While you might be wondering how to enhance your eye color with the appropriate eye makeup. You should know that the color choice of your garments, also contributes to its enhancement. Brown is by far the most popular eye color and it comes in different hues, from light brown to dark. Brown eyes are considered a neutral color, but do not be afraid to choose some clothing options that can bring out the unique color in your eyes and make them beautifully pop.

  1. Go Blue

If you want to complement your beautiful eyes, blue clothing in any hue should be one of your favorites. This is because blue gives a high contrast against the brown color of your eyes, making the color look lighter. Vibrant hues like turquoise, ocean blue, cerulean or cobalt attract the intensity of the eyes, while icy blue, cornflower or soft pastel gives enough coolness to the eyes. You can also select rich blues like indigo, navy blue, midnight or soft denim blue to make your eyes stand out.

  • Go Red

Flirty color like red can be a good clothing choice but not every hue of red is good for brown-eyed people. Deep shades like burgundy, maroon, brick red, true red, and slightly burnt red are good choice as these colors will bring out the sharpness of your eyes without overwhelming them. However, Light reds like fire or cherry red may be too strong and can outshine your eyes.

  • Gold

When you want to bring out the richness of your brown eyes, gold is a great color to go for. It flatters your eyes and brings out light flecks that might happen to be in them. Go for warm gold that shimmers as it perfectly complements brown. Yellow gold or mustard also flatter and bring out the warmth of your brown eyes. Pale gold should however be avoided as it dulls up the eyes.

  • Matching Colors

You can wear clothing in the same color as your eyes to further enhance them. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in the exact shade with your eyes, a chocolate dress will make your eyes pop while a peanut color, mahogany or honey-brown piece will have the same effect. You can also wear creamier colors in the shade of coffee with a dash of milk

  • Green

This color has a similar effect as the color blue. An illusion of lighter eyes is created because of the high contrast particularly if you are wearing bold shades for green like chartreuse which is a green and yellow combination or Kelly green. Other green shades like Hunter green, khaki green, mossy green and deep olive also flatter brown eyes. You should note that eyes that are dark colored appear lighter than they normally are when surrounded by colors that counterbalance them.

  • White

If you have light brown eyes, wearing a white piece would intensify the brown color, making it more flattering and darker.

  • Pink  

Light shades like soft pink can also make your eyes pop. Go for a soft pink outfit or an outfit with a soft pink stripe or polka dot to emphasize more on your eye. Avoid bright pink-toned clothing as it would draw attention away from your eyes.

  • Tan or beige can also warm up dark brown eyes and put sparkle in them. You can also go for light purple shades like plum, soft raspberry or misty lavenders. These colors are excellent choices for brown-eyed beauties.
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