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Easy Eye Makeup Tutorial For Daytime

Knowing how to correctly pull off a simple eye makeup look for daytime is highly essential. A simple, subtle makeup look is what is ideal for daytime as heavy makeup look is more apparent due to the sun. daytime makeup should emphasize the natural contour of the eyes, hide blemishes around the eye area and must be long-lasting on the face without decking too many products on the eyelid. These are some tips to follow when trying to achieve easy eye makeup look for daytime.

Step 1: Apply Eye Primer on Your Lid

You wouldn’t want your eye makeup to crease or smudge some hours into its application, to prevent this you have to dab in some quantity of eye primer. Apply primer on your entire eyelid starting from the base of your lid to your brow bone and under your eye. This would help make your look last longer.

Step 2: Apply a Base Eye Shadow

With the aid of a small narrow brush, apply a matte shadow that matches your skin shade on the entire lid and all the way to your brow bone, an even base will be created for the eye makeup.

Step 3: Apply Eye Shadow

  • With the aid of a fluffy eye shadow brush, buff a medium brown or bronze-colored shadow on your lid from the inner corner of your eye to the center.
  • Apply a darker shade of brown on the crease and along the outer corner of the eyes. Ensure the colors are well blended in other to get rid of any harsh line or edges.
  • Brush on a light gold eye shadow over the center of your lid and blend it into the darker shade.
  • Thinly apply gold or medium brown shadow on your water line from the bottom inner corner of your eyes to the outer corner. You can also use it to highlight your brow bone.

Step 4: Wing in Eyeliner

To enhance and add depth to your eyes, you can thinly apply a line of your preferred eyeliner shade on the top lash line. In other to keep the look as simple as possible, you can opt in for a subtle brown shade as black eyeliner can overshadow the eye and make it appear small. You can slightly extend it to the outer corner to form a triangular wing. This would put more emphasis on the eye and make it look larger.

Step 5: Curl and apply mascara on your lashes.

  • Curling your eyelashes can help further accentuation the lashes, make it look gorgeous and appear longer. To make the eyelash curler more effective, blow hot air from a blow dryer on the curler for some seconds, be sure to feel the metal on your skin before clamping on your lashes so as to prevent burning your lid. Following this technique would result in fuller, curlier and longer lashes.
  • Finish off your look a little bit of mascara. Put the wand of your mascara at the tip of your lashes and swipe up gently. You can sweep the wand over your lashes once or twice.
  • You can also apply to your lower lashes as well but be sure to keep it very light.

Step 6: Create a Defined Brows

Choose an eye Shadow that is the same as your hair color, with the aid of a thin brush apply it on your eyebrows and brush it through with an eyebrow brush. This overall look will enhance the beauty of your eyes and give you an awoken appearance during the day.

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