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20 Eye Makeup Ideas For Night Party

20 Eye Makeup Ideas For Night Party

When you go out do you want to sparkle and shine, or be dark and mysterious? Either way, one of these looks is for you.


From a young age, people like glitter. At some point, a lot of us get over it (sadly). It’s time to embrace a younger you and go all out with this look! Use that glitter eyeline on your whole lid with a heavy liner to give it a nice frame.


Adhesive gems can be useful for spicing up a classic look. Go from subtle to poppin’ with a couple pieces of bling and it’ll be a night to remember.


Always a classic and a go to for many, you could do a Smokey eye. There is a reason it never goes out of style. But maybe you could add some gems or a splash of glitter to change things up a bit.

Shimmer Brows

A new look for me, I recently discovered girls adding glitter to their eyebrows. Make sure yours are on fleek before you add the glitter and draw unwanted attention to uneven brows!


Hearts or starts, the choice is yours. Add a stick to the inside or outside of your lash line for a new and exciting look!

Metallic Eyeshadow

Metallic colors bring a lot of options to the table. Gold, silver, bronze, the choice is yours! Match with a metallic lipstick and you’re set for a night on the town!


Reds, oranges, and yellows can be combined for a hot night! Start with a yellow at the bottom and a red at the top, blending in the center to create the illusion of a flame on each eyelid.

Sparkling Lash Line

Use a glitter shadow near the lash line, or sparkling liner, to add a bit of flair to any look.

Double Cat Eye

Cat eyes are a classic, and not easy to accomplish. If you like a challenge, try doing it twice and have a long wing extend from both your top and bottom lash line at the same angle and of the same length.  

Floating Liner

You don’t always have to apply your liner directly to your lash line, especially if you’re looking to spice things up. Floating liner means you lift away from your lash line around the center of your lid and create a wing. Use this wing to hold up some fun colors or even some glitter!

Go Abstract

If you’re an artsy person with a lot of time on your hands before your evening out, you might try drawing some abstract designs on those lids of yours, or even just off to the side of your eyes. For an asymmetrical look draw an abstract design around one eye, but go simple with the other.

Bold Color Liner

Forget the blacks, browns, and grays for tonight. Pull out that teal or purple liner and go for it. Maybe you have a red liner somewhere that would go great with your cherry-red lipstick.

Yin and Yang

Use a black shadow on the inside of your eye and a white shadow on the outside or reverse it. Either look with be dramatic and fun! Just don’t blend too much or it’ll loos it’s effect.

Full Cat Eye

If you’ve mastered the cat eye, why not make it more dramatic. Use your liner to cover the whole lid, or a dark eye shadow if your liner is too heavy.


Monochrome makeup is a fun way to play with your favorite color. Grab a lipstick, a liner, and an eyeshadow, all the same shade for this look, match it to your shoes if you want!

Take a Tip from Twiggy

One of Twiggy’s most famous looks was her intense spiked eyeliner. Why not bring it back? It’s fun, dramatic, and simple. Do a thick line on your top lash line, draw seven thin spikes the length of your lower lashes on your lower lash line, and use a dark eyeshadow in your crease.

Wine Night

Deep reds are great for any occasion. Break out that burgundy eye shadow and lipstick, neutral enough for any outfit, but dark enough to be mysterious.

Go Glossy

Glossy makeup gives you a shimmery look without the need to mess around with glitter. It’s the best makeup to use if you’re trying to get that enchanting mermaid look.

Peachy Keen

Pink can be sexy. Use darker peach tones with a heavy black eyeliner and strong eyebrows for a dramatic contrast. Add a peach lip to finish the look.

Upside-down Smokey eye

Take the classic look and turn it upside down, using the darker colors on your bottom lid for a new dark and dramatic look.

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