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10 Office Eye Makeup Tips To Look Your Best Everyday

10 Office Eye Makeup Tips To Look Your Best Everyday

Eye makeup is one of the things that can make you look either appealing or entirely out of place. A well-made-up face will make your eyes stand out. So, as you look after your eyes, you should also consider your overall face makeup. Follow these eye makeup tips to look young and lively with every step you make in and out of your office doors.

1. Ensure your face is clean

It is gross to even think of someone jumping out of bed and rushing to apply makeup on a face sticky with sweat. If you need to retouch your makeup in the day, wash your face or simply use wet wipes to remove the greasy sweat before doing anything else with makeup.

2. Stick to cold showers

Hot showers will leave you feeling psyched up for the day, but it is never the best if you’ll be putting on some makeup afterward. It leaves your skin dry, and makeup comes out best when your skin feels smooth and moist.

3. Subtly enhance your eyes

Most skin tones go well with plum or soft brown on the eyelid and into the crease. You can add a touch of eye shadow if you are more daring.

4. Trim, but do not over-trim

Too much trimming would make you look like a scarecrow, so if you had it for the weekend, use eye pencil to draw some sweet, stylish outline.

5. Use a BB cream or concealer

Go for a BB cream that matches your skin tone, and you’ll be sure to enjoy its benefits as a foundation, sunscreen, and moisturizer at the same time. If you have stubborn marks that refuse to go away even after applying a BB cream, make concealer your go-to back up.

6. Keep your eye makeup simple

An office is not the place for seductive smoky or electric eyes. As a focused professional, you don’t want your colleagues and others in your work environment to go drooling with lust or even feeling uncomfortable in your presence.

7. Don’t overdo it

Your makeup may not necessarily be smoky or electric, but too much of it would make you look out of place. Go easy on the mascara.

8. Use expert advice

If you are not a pro in eye makeup, it does not make you less of a lady. You can use online tutorials, friends’ guidance, and a lot of practice before leaving for the office. Remember you must never go with a trial version to the office!

9. Save fake lashes for weekends

Fake eyelashes can be so embarrassing if they fall off in the middle of a meeting due to some glue failure. Save them for the weekends and keep your natural lashes for the office.

10. Avoid product testing

An office is not the best place to go product-testing, since anything can go wrong. Wait until the weekend or after work before trying something new.

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