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20 Glitter Eye Makeup Ideas

20 Glitter Eye Makeup Ideas

Nearly every lady in town wants eyes that cause everyone she meets to turn his eyes. Currently, one sure means of achieving this is by applying shiny glitter eye makeup that makes your eyes shine, giving you the trapping eyes you’ve always craved. Just remember to avoid risky options such as craft glitter and stick to cosmetic glitter that is safe to apply near your eyes. Here are some of the gorgeous glitter looks for your eyes.

1. Neutral with gold

This is what you go for when you don’t want a look that is too loud. For the best results, mix copper and gold eyeshadow, then add gold glitter to the center of the eyelid.

2. Iridescent glitter over purple

The glitter will make the purple of the eyeshadow stand out, and it will also make your eyes sparkle.

3. Silver, pink, and purple gradient lid

This one blends three shadows and their corresponding colors of glitter across the entire lid for maximum glitter effect.

4. Glitter brows and lashes

Whereas most glitters are put on the eyelids, you sometimes just want to do something unique, so you choose to add glitter brows and lashes.

5. Black, chunky glitter

This works best with a deep shadow base to give your eyelids a distinctive look.

6. Mint glitter

This is another special one that looks awesome when brushed over a purple shade.

7. Pink glitter with a solid crease

You surely won’t ignore how beautiful that solid crease, contrasted with the pink glitter, can get.

8. Silver glitter and black corners

Solid glitter with a smoked out edge always stands out

9. Glitter crease line

Put a thin line of glitter along the crease, and you will never want anything else.

10. Chunky iridescent glitter over white

Get flashy by adding depth to your eyes with this glitter.

11. Corner Glitter

Slightly smearing glitter on the deep corners of your eye will definitely make them look brighter.

12. Sparkling liner

Use a thick line of glitter to frame your black liner to get the sharp glamor you have always desired.

13. Green on black

This jewel-toned green will definitely look amazing over a smooth black base.

14. Full black glitter lid

Put a solid shadow base of black and then cover the whole lid with black glitter.

15. Red glitter

Red glitter stands out, especially if paired with stark black liner and lashes.

16. Golden glitter

Gold means preciousness, and that’s precisely what this glitter will give your eyes.

17. Peachy glitter

It’s a wow contrast, especially if you have soft-tone brown eyelids.

18. Salmon glitter

This amplifies the color of the eyelids with the glamor that glitter brings.

19. Velvet glitter

Now imagine velvet on the eyes and lips – absolutely stunning!

20. Salmon glitter

Do you love stars? Salmon glitter gives you starry eyes.

Nothing sparkles like glitter, nothing beautifies like glitter! These glittery eye makeup ideas will certainly give you the striking look you have always desired.

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