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How Can I Make My Eye Makeup Last Longer?

How Can I Make My Eye Makeup Last Longer

Do you have issues getting your eye makeup to stay on throughout the day? If so, this article will help you keep your eyes smudge free and flawless all day!

A lot of people don’t realize that waterproof makeup isn’t oil proof makeup. In fact if it wear, it would be almost impossible to take off. This means all makeup breaks down on contact with oil, though some take longer than others. It also means if you have oily skin, you are going to be especially prone to smudged eyeliner, unless you follow these beauty tips.

 Don’t touch your face.

It may seem obvious, but touching our faces is something an individual does 2000-3000 times a day!

It is tempting. It’s an involuntary reaction for most people. Are you touching your face right now? Tomorrow, keep track of how often you rub your eyes or your forehead.

For people like myself with already oily skin, this can cause serious makeup issues. Every time you touch your face oil is deposited, and since gravity is a thing, the oil moves down your face and can cause your makeup to smudge.

Use a setting powder.

Setting powders not only absorb the oil on your skin but put a barrier between your oily skin and your makeup to help your look last all day.

Some people don’t like to use powder on their faces because they believe it will buildup in their pores and cause breakouts. They aren’t 100% wrong, but making sure to wash your face once you’re done with your look is a good way to ensure that doesn’t happen.

So, if you think your favorite eyeliner is the problem, think again. Next time you put makeup on, use a small brush to apply the setting powder directly to your eyelid first, then complete your look. You may need to reapply the powder throughout the day, as your skin produces oil, but it’s better than wearing smudged eyeliner.

 Coal liners are best for your waterline.  

When you apply waterproof eyeliner to your waterline, the water that is present and the waterproof makeup will repel one another.

You can try to dry the waterline, and apply the eyeliner, but that doesn’t always work as our eye are constantly producing water. Try using a coal pencil instead.

Coal pencils are not waterproof, but the material they are made of is super dry. It may seem weird at first, but once it hit the water on your waterline, it absorbs it and turns into almost a paste. It doesn’t sound comfortable, but it does dry and lock into place.

Apply your favorite waterproof eyeliner on top of the coal liner and it will protect it from the water and help it last.  

These are three simple tricks to keep your eye makeup on all day. Try them out next time you need a look to last all day!

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