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How To Make My Eyes Look Bigger Naturally?

How To Make My Eyes Look Bigger Naturally

Do you want your eyes to look bigger, but not over-dramatically so?

There are the obvious tricks like, false lashes and blending your dark eyeshadow to your ears, but those can easily be overdone and not subtle enough for your everyday look. Our guide here will show you how to make your eyes appear larger, but not outrageously huge.

Make sure you use a setting powder before you start your look. This will help your look last all day and decrease the need for touchups.

Apply Concealer

After your setting powder, apply a thin layer of concealer around your eyes, the upper lid and underneath as well as the sides of your nose. This will help to disguise any darkness around your eyes.

Like many people I have dark crescents under my eyes, from lack of iron and lack of sleep. This trick helps me not only look fresh, but start my look fresh, like a blank canvas.  

Also, by lightening the area around the eyes, it creates the illusion of them coming forward. This will begin to make them appear larger already.

Upper Lid

Apply a light matte color, I personally use white, to your upper lid.

Matte colors are great for creating new shapes as they won’t reflect the light. If your eye shadow reflects the light it will ruin the illusion you are trying to create by reflecting the light and revealing the true shape and size of your eye.

Next, you’re going to want to apply a light matte color to the crease and blend well. I use a light brown to keep the look simple and subtle.

Lower Lid

When you smile, you will see a natural shadow created under your eye.

Sticking with the natural colors, find a matte color which fits close to the color of that shadow.  Apply this to the bottom of that shadow, it will form around the bottom of your actual eyeball.  Blending this will come later.

Lash Line

Using a very thin brush, apply dark brown or a dark grey eye shadow to your lash line on your top lid.

Make sure to get as close to the lashes as possible for the most natural look. If your eyes are close together, don’t go all the way to the end of you lash line. If your eyes are an average distance apart, or further apart, feel free to go right to the tear duct with this step.

Prolong the line past the outer edge of your lashes and connect it with your bottom lash line. Blend well for a seamless look.  


Use a white mascara first and let that dry before adding a dark brown or black mascara, depending on your desired look.

Once your white mascara dries, apply the darker mascara to only the tips of your lashes. Applying mascara to only the tips of your lashes will make your eyes look rounder and make them pop more than a normal application of mascara.

The Last Lash

Using a wet brush and the same eyeshadow you used along your lash lines, draw your last lash, or your wing, on each eye.

Mimic the angle of your last actual eyelash but make your line a little longer for the full effect.

Complete the Look

Now that your eyes are done finish off the look with a subtle lip color, so as to not take away from your eyes.

I hope you liked or guide for big and natural eyes! Try it out and people around you will notice how gorgeous your eyes are more often!  

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