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How Do You Do Eye Makeup Without Makeup?

How Do You Do Eye Makeup Without Makeup

Eye makeup defines and enhances the eyes, giving the entire face a gorgeous look. However, eye makeup can either make or mar your game; it solely depends on your application. This is why it’s important to know some beauty tricks and tips you can use to achieve that beautiful and on-point eye makeup. Following this detailed, step by step tutorial correctly would amp your game and makes you a professional.

STEP 1: Knowing the Essential products you need

Choosing the right products for eye makeup should be your priority as this can make a world of difference. Below are basic products you need to get that perfect eye makeup.

Step 2: Prepping the Eye Area

It’s extremely important to prep the skin around the eyes since that’s where the makeup goodness would be splashed. Clean the skin around the eyes and follow it up with an eye cream or a moisture based cream. Next, apply eye primer on the lid, this helps in creating a smooth surface for the eye makeup and it also helps it stay longer. You can do this by applying a dot on the lid and blend it in. Once the primer dries up, apply concealer to even out any discoloration around the eyes, it also allows the eyeshadow to stay better on the skin.

Step 3:  Application of Eyeshadow

The function of eyeshadow is to give dimension and add depth to your eyes, provided it’s applied appropriately. It also accentuates your eye color and makes it look bigger. You need an eyeshadow that ia a shade lighter than your skin tone, a contour shade that is three shades darker than the skin around your eyes, and mid-tone shade. Here are the steps to follow to apply your eyeshadow correctly:

  1. Grab your small flat brush, glide it on the lightest shade on the pallet and apply it in the inner corner of your eyes. To make the application easy, you can dampen the tip of your brush with water, then dab it on the eyeshadow and reapply. This will make it highly pigmented and make your eyes pop. Also, apply the same shade on your brow bone to highlight it as this will make it more defined.
  2. Use a blending brush to apply the mid-tone shade above the crease, blend it from the outer corner of the eyes inwards.
  3. Making use of the dark shade, contour the outer corner of the eye by applying it into the crease. Be careful not to blend in too much because it should not be higher than the mid-tone shade.

Step 4: Curl Your Eyelashes

To make your eye makeup more enhanced, you can curl your lashes to make them longer, fuller and of course, curlier.

Step 5: Apply Eyeliner

You can apply eyeliner for extra drama and added definition. You can make it clearly defined or smudged depending on your preference. It definitely looks great either way.

Step 6: Apply Mascara  

Finally, finish off your look with some sweeps of mascara. Put the wand of your mascara brush on your lashes and sweep it back and forth.

A quick tip: Remember to wash your brushes.

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