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How To Apply Eye Makeup For Over 50?

How To Apply Eye Makeup For Over 50

Age, as they say, is but a number. That is why you must never let dark circles, wrinkles, and creases to tamper with your beauty when you can use eye makeup to remain youthful and attractive. Here are tips on how to apply makeup when you are over 50:

Try eye pencils

Use eye pencils instead of liquid liners since they create softer lines. You can make the line softer by smudging it with your fingers.

Use eyelid primer

Eyelid primer helps your eye makeup to stick for extended periods of time, and it makes applying eye makeup much smoother and more manageable. It is like applying paint primer to a wall before using the real paint.

Fake eyelashes

When you are over 50, your eyelashes might be a little more sparse than they used to be. Don’t be afraid to try false eyelashes, but you also shouldn’t use too much. Make sure to use enough glue so they don’t fall off.

Apply neutral eyeshadow

Do not go for very bright or dramatic colors when you’re applying eyeshadow. Stick to colors that are on the neutral side, and consider your skin tone as well. Use the right shade depending on the color of your eyes. If you have dark eyes, use deep, rich shades. For blue eyes, go for blue-gray, browns, coppers, and gold. For brown eyes, opt for browns, blues, or gold. Your eyes will stand out if you choose the right shades to complement your eyes and skin. If you are a bit more daring and love drama, you can apply a slightly darker color to the crease.

Important quick tips

  • Embrace your age and feel confident.
  • Exfoliate with a facial scrub daily or use a washcloth dipped in coconut oil. Dry skin never makes an excellent backdrop for makeup.
  • Apply sunscreen and wear hats as you go out in the day to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and spots.
  • Apply retinol cream to maintain glowing skin and reduce wrinkles after a few days. For aging skin, avoid retin-A.
  • Understand and employ the principle of “less is more” in eye makeup, and don’t be tempted to apply more to hide flaws that come with age.
  • Don’t just go for expensive makeup thinking it will shed more years from your face. Consider the right makeup for your skin type, not for the brand.
  • Get the best tools for applying makeup. The right tools improve results, even if your skills are not the best.
  • Make wise decisions when selecting your makeup products. Some are not very good or are too harsh for aging skin.
  • Don’t shy away from experimenting, but exercise caution, since you don’t want to look like a walking scarecrow if things go wrong. Get recommendations and never be afraid to seek expert help!
  • If you draw attention to your eyes, you’ll succeed in distracting people from any visible wrinkles or flaws.

When in doubt, get professional help with your makeup. Even your close relatives can be very helpful, especially if they are younger.

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