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How To Apply Eyeshadow For Brown Eyes

Brown eyes are the most commonest shade in the world. It is extremely versatile because almost all eye shadow hues complement it. While the brown hue comes in different variations ranging from amber, metallic gold, deep, chocolate to light brown. The same rules are applicable to all of them. If you possess brown eyes then experimenting with different colors and trying out new eye makeup options shouldn’t scare you. You can easily add any eye shadow shade into your routine because of the versatility of brown eyes. However, pulling off perfect eye makeup with a lot of options on your plate can be difficult, so we are sharing some tips on how to apply eye shadow on brown eyes without stress.

Step 1: Choosing an Eye Shadow Color.

Brown being a neutral color, many colors complement it. You can work with different colors that bests fit your shade of brown.

  • For deep brown shade, you can use bold hues like navy, cobalt or royal blue color. The contrast will make your eyes stand out beautifully.
  • If your brown eyes have a hint of hazel in them, you can use variants of purple shades.
  • For light brown eyes, warm colors like reddish or golden brown can be used. This will accentuate your eyes and add more depth to it.
  • If there are flecks of gold in your brown eyes, you can choose a metallic gold shade. This will further highlight and enhance the flecks of gold in your eyes thereby making the eyes sparkle.
  • Choosing an eye shadow pallet that has at least three shades is important if you want to create an eye shadow look that has great depth.

Step 2: Apply the Base Shade on Your Lid.

Using a fluffy eye shadow brush, apply the lightest shade on your pallet to your entire eyelid starting from the lash line to the crease. This would serve as an eye shadow base. Choose a neutral pallet for this step. It is necessary to work the color into your lid several times to allow enough colors on it as you are making use of a light shade. You can also put on a coat of white eye pencil to the entire eyelid prior to the application of the eye shadow. This would add as much intensity as possible to the light shade.

Step 3: Apply the Darker Shade into Your Crease.

Brush on a darker color that is a few shades darker than your skin tone into your crease. Brush back and forth on the crease along the brow bone starting from the outer part of your eye to the inner corner. This would help enhance the depth and dimension of your eyes. It is important you properly blend in the darker color with the base color; this would make it look seamless and natural.

Step 4: Brush on the Darkest Shade to the Outer Corner of Your Eyes.

Add a dark color to the outer corner of the eyes to accentuate them. You can apply the eye shadow in a triangle shape by pulling out from your top lash and blending it upwards. Be sure to blend the eyeshadows properly to get rid of lines or stark borders.

Step 5: Highlight the Inside of Your Eyes.

To further brighten the eyes, you can apply a tiny dot of highlighter on the inside of your eyes.

Step 6: Finish Off the Look.

As you apply eye shadow on your eyelids, little specks of powder is bound to fall at the bottom of your eyes. Use a makeup remover to carefully blot the bits away. You can also make use of a tape to blot the bottom of your eyes, the stickiness will pick up any stray shadow.

Bonus Tips: You can apply mascara to the upper lash to further define the eye.

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