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How To Determine Eye Shape?

How To Determine Eye Shape

Determination of the natural shape of your eyes is important because this lets you know the type of eye makeup that would enhance your eyes. This is the secret to creating a flawless eye makeup. This article will teach you the different shapes of eyes and how to know what shape is yours.

There are 6 common eye shapes to put into consideration. They are:

  • Monolid Eyes
  • Round Eyes
  • Almond Eyes
  • Downturned Eyes
  • Upturned Eyes
  • Hooded Eyes

Monolid Eyes: This is the type of eye that is flat at the surface and the natural crease on the lid is absent. The brow bones are less defined if you have this type of eye shape. The best way to give definition to your eye is by creating a faux crease. Do this by using a gradient of eyeshadow to create that illusion. You can also curl your lashes for added definition and lift.

Round Eyes: This type of eye is usually referred to as ‘cute eye’ due to its large and striking shape. The crease on the lid is visible and the iris is surrounded by white which separates it from the upper and lower lids. The width and length of the eyes are also equal. You might want to accentuate it by elongating its shape. This could be achieved by applying the darkest shade of shadow in your pallet on your crease starting from the middle of your lid to the outer corner of the eye then wing your lid using liquid eyeliner.

Almond Eyes: Almond eyes are literally shaped like an almond. For almond eyes, there is a crease on your lid that is visible and part of your iris is hidden under the eyelids, unlike the round eye where the entire iris is visible. This shape is very easy to work on for eye makeup because it is symmetrical, just follow and accentuate the shape of your eye. You can tight line the waterline of your eye but avoid lining your bottom lid.

Downturned Eyes: If you have downturned eyes, the outer corner of your almond shaped eye is tilted downwards. If you can’t really tell, draw an imaginary straight line across your eye, the outer corner will definitely turn down under the straight line. The suitable eye makeup for this shape is the “cat eye” look.

Upturned Eyes: This is the exact opposite of downturned eyes. It is a shaped eye that has the outer corner flicking upward with the bottom lid larger and longer than the upper lid. The top and bottom lid proportion can be evened out by creating mirror effect. This is done by applying a dark shadow on the bottom lid to remove the lifted effect.

Hooded Eyes: Hooded eye has a layer of folded skin that sags over the natural crease of the eye causing the eyelid to look smaller. While it occurs when most people age and get older due to lack of elasticity of the skin, there are people that are also born with hooded eyes. A smoky is what you might be considering to pull off if you have hooded eyes.

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