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Natural Makeup For Big Round Eyes

There isn’t a general rule to follow when it comes to makeup as we possess different facial features and shapes. A particular makeup look could transform a person in a stunning way while it would be an epic fail on the other person. When you think of celebrity stars like Katy Perry, you will come to realize that round eyes are amazingly stunning and extremely striking. The whites in round eyes are clearly visible and the width and length of the eye are equal. Having around the eye is unique on its but knowing how to pull off natural eye makeup that will complement your round eye is highly important. These are the easy steps to take when trying to achieve a flawless natural eye makeup look.

Step 1: Define your brows

A well constructed pair of brows can be a game changer in any makeup look, so you should know the particular eyebrow shape that will complement your look. An arched shape is what is suitable if you have a round eye. If you don’t have a naturally arced brow, you can artificially create one by plucking your brows and creating a pointed shape by angling the end tips of the brows. Steadily swipe your brow makeup on the already arched brow and form a point by drawing out the tips. Then, use a plumper to blend the drawn tips into your eyebrow. Your brows will appear more natural this way.

Step 2: Apply Eye Primer

Eye primer will help in making your eye makeup stand out and stay longer on your lid. Dab tiny dots of your selected eye primer on your eyelid; with a circular motion, use your index finger to rub it onto your entire lid and the surrounding area of your eyes.

Step 3: Apply Concealer

Applying concealer will help cover any discoloration or blemish on the lid or around the eye. Apply a small portion of concealer on your eye area and use your finger to blend it into your skin. You can also make use of a flat makeup brush to blend it in.

Step 4: Apply Eye Shadow

Start by applying a neutral eye shadow shade on your lid to lift the sunken in effect of round eyes. This will increase the depth and brightness of your eyes.

  • Glide a small fluffy eye shadow brush onto a neutral eye shadow shade that is the same as your skin color.
  • Mimicking a sideways motion, gently apply the shadow on your eyelid all the way to your brow bone.
  • Apply a darker shade of eyeshadow on the outer corner of your eyes.
  • Select a shadow shade slightly brighter than your skin tone; this will be used as a highlighter. Highlight your tear duct which is located at the inner ends of your eyes using a corner shadow brush.
  • Twirl the brush back and forth by carefully outlining the tear duct. Create a slanting ‘v’ shape by drawing a line on the top lid and another line on the bottom lid.
  • Thinly apply the highlighter beneath your eyebrows.

Step 5: Apply Eyeliner

Starting from one-third of your upper lash line, gently apply eyeliner along on lash line working it to the outer corner of the eyes. Ensure the line is neatly and thinly drawn. Keep the lower lash line soft and subtle by applying white eyeliner or a subtle eyeshadow shade that is almost lighter than your skin tone on your water line. This is found on the lower lash line, it is the skin touching the whites of your eyes.

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