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How To Do Smokey Eye Makeup Flawlessly?

How To Do Smokey Eye Makeup Flawlessly

A smoky eye is what you need if you want to make your look more dramatic and striking. It exudes that high level of sexiness and a sense of power but it is crucial to know the techniques to follow when applying so it wouldn’t end up a disaster. Here are the few easy steps you can take to create that flawless, perfect smoldering look.

Step 1: Prime The Skin Around Your Eyes.

A terrible way to start a smoky eye makeup is to forget to prep the base. You wouldn’t want your smoky eye to smear just hours into an application, what will prevent this is by applying primer gently on your eyelids and under your eyes. This helps you make to stay for a long period.

Step 2: Apply Concealer

 Dark circles and black spots kill the hotness that comes with a smoky look to the need to neutralize them cannot be overemphasized. To cover any discoloration or redness around your eyes, dab in concealer on the areas around the eyes making sure it’s well blended using the ring finger. You can also powder your under-eye using a mid-tone powder that matches your skin tone. Tap a fluffy brush on the powder and apply it under your eye. It is important is that it catches loose particles from your eyeshadow while applying it. Carefully wipe the powder with a tissue when you have finished with the look. Flawlessness is the result that you will get from this.

Step 3: Apply a Dark Shadow

Apply the darkest shade from your eyeshadow pallet from the lashes to the crease of your eyes. Then, make use of an angled brush to apply the eyeshadow along the lower lash. The darkest point should be however kept at upper edge of the lash line. You don’t necessarily have to use black shade to create a smoky look, you can also experiment with dark shades like gray, bronze, navy or any shade that will add that element of surprise to the sexy look. To make your eye pop amidst the smoky look, apply a light-shade highlighter on your brow bone to achieve that.

Step 4: Smudge out Your Look

Harsh line on a smoky eye is a show spoiler so blending it softly at edges is required. Use a smudger brush to gently apply the shade into the crease, implement the movement windshield wiper and apply the same shade into your lower lash line as well.

Step 5: Work On Defining Your Eyes

Use a black eye pencil that is preferably waterproof to create a thick line along your upper lash line, then line the lower lash lightly and make sure both lines meet at the outer corner of the eyes. You can smudge out the line using your brush. To intensify the darkness, you can tightline the inside of your lower lash line. Simply pull the skin under your eye downward and create a line on the part that is closest to your eyeball.

Step 6: Curl and Apply Mascara on Your Lashes

What will finally make the look complete is curling the eyelashes using a curler.  Carefully clamp the curler on the base of the lashes for four seconds, repeat the process until the lashes are well curled to the end. Finally, finish off the look the look by coating the lashes 2-3 times with volumizing mascara on your upper lashes, then wiggle in a single coat on your lower lashes.

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