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What Are Hooded Eyes?

What Are Hooded Eyes

The eye is the most important feature on the face because it is unarguably the number one thing people see when they meet with you. There are six common eye shapes; almond, monolid, round, downturned, upturned and hooded. However, hooded eye is what would be extensively discussed in this article.

What are Hooded Eyes?

These are the type of eyes that feature layer of folded skin or fat that sags from the brow bone to the top lash line; it sags over the natural crease of the eye causing the eyelid to look smaller. It also has a way of making you look like you are sleepy. Some people are given birth to naturally with it while some get hooded eyes as they age and get older due to reduction of elasticity in the skin.

How common is Hooded Eye Shape?

The phrase “hooded” tagged with the eye shape might seem ominous; it is a very common eye shape even among internationally known superstars and celebrities. Celebrities Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lawrence, Naomi Campbell, Ruby Rose, Blake Lively and many others are such beauties to behold so your hooded shaped eye shouldn’t make you uncomfortable or make you think you are less attractive.

What are the causes of Hooded shaped Eyes?

The commonest cause of hooded eye can be attributed to hereditary, if any of your parents has hooded eyes then how you have it shouldn’t be a question anymore as it was genetically transferred to you. Another very common cause is aging; its natural effect makes the skin around the eyes droop. This is because the skin tends to become less elastic as one grows older and face become less firm and plump. Loose skin around the eyes is often the result from this. Getting injured on the eyes or combating some certain eye diseases can also cause the skin around the eye to sag.

What is the Perks of Having Hooded shaped Eyes?

Having hooded eyes comes with some benefits in the makeup world, some of them are:

  1. You can play with and experiment with different seasonal colors and get away with it as most of your eyelid is covered. This gives you a natural subtle look.
  2. Proper blending of your eyeshadow is not really necessary because there is not enough space between the lid and the brow bones. The harsh lines will hardly be visible.
  3.  You won’t need as much eye makeup products as the surface area to work on is small.

The Disadvantages of Hooded Eyes

  1.  Eyeliners and mascaras easily get smeared as they are transferred on the folded skin covering your eyes.
  2. It is very difficult to pull off an “on fleek” cat eye look or a dramatic eyeliner flick as you do not have enough eyelid space to draws those looks on.
  3. False lashes can also be difficult to rock because it touches the skin above your lid anytime you blink.

Can Hooded Eyes be Gotten Rid of?

You can get rid of hooded eyes temporarily by mastering makeup tricks that can enhance and accentuate your eye. It can also be ridden naturally by making use of organic products such as cucumber, egg white, etc. Another permanent measure that could be taken is to undergo surgery.

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